Wednesday, May 23, 2012


I download this cool app called Easy Money last month. Before this, I don’t really bother on my spending, i.e I never keep track of what I buy, to whom I pay and things like that.  I bought what I like without thinking much. And I realized at the end of the month, I just have enough. Not much savings and stuffs. But I as grow up (refused to use the word older –denial peeps, denial  ;p), I see the needs for proper wealth management. Nanti nak kahwin, nak beli rumah, nak sambung belajar, etc etc (the list goes on and on) all requires lotsa money. Hence the use of the app. 

Well besides the obvious (untuk jaminan masa depan), the reason why I started to plan my spending is all thanks to the NDPC symposium that I went to early April. One the workshop done entitled ‘You are healthy but are you wealthy?’. The speaker is Miss Rachel Melvin, the CPA wealth advisor. She introduced us to the 6 Jars of Money Mx, in which our net salary should be divided into 6:

-50% for necessity (car, gives/money to parents, petrol, foods, bills, loan, etc). I would say it is sort of the obligatory spending, monthly.
-10% for financial freedom account (FFA), in which this is for the later life, for ur future, in case of emergency, etc. U cannot touch this money. Haippp…
-10% is for long term saving and spending (LTSS). This is for special things like u want to further study, or get married, or plan for special vacation (tour Europe ke hihihi) and stuffs.
-10% is for education, especially for ur children later on.
-10% is for play. Play here include movies, spa, vacation, books, etc. I was like 10% je??? Haihhh.
-Another 10% is for giving/donation. The more we give, the more we get, right? But this doesn’t include the money u give to ur parent, because it falls under the necessity/obligatory. Rachel said u don’t donate to ur parents right? 

Well for me the 6 jars is only guideline, of course we can modify according to our needs and plan. But its very good if we could plan our wealth wisely. Untuk masa depan jugak kan. 

Back to the app. The app clustered ur spending according to category, ie accommondation, automobile, entertainment, foods, investment, insurance, medicare, SHOPPING (I need to bold this ;)), works, etc. You can also add your own category if u like. The best part is it provides reports on your spending according to those catergory, so u can see the percentage of where u channel your money the most. Haaihhh berdebar nak tengok keputusan ni. Hihi. So here’s my spending last month. For each major category, there are subcategories but I malas nak drilled down kat sini. But u can do it with the app. Note that last month punya gaji banyak sikit because of the backdated salary increment ;).

1. Saving: 31%
This month I could save more, again because of the backdated salary increment. However, I didn’t divide it into FFA, LTSS and education just yet. Hihi. Come on, I just started doing this. Spare me some time ok. ;)

2. Necessity: 40%
Aiyakk.. macam mana boleh kurang dari 50%. Haha. But this month I don’t spend much on petrol because went back to jengka with long. And I don’t travel outside kuantan that much. Plus I live in my brother's house x payah bayar sewa

3. Play: 23.8%
Ok this one I exceed the allocation. But again, spare me ok. We went to Jakarta for Awi’s convocation. So I did some shopping (when I say some I really mean some tau. Berjimat cermat je pergi sana). Majority of it is on the flight tix. 

4. Gifts: 6.7%
Don’t need to mention la what I did kan. 

So basically it’s cool to know where does your money go. At this age, it is very important to manage our financial wisely.  And one important fact, I never realized that I spend about 10% of my salary on foods. Kan? Kuat makan kan? Haha. Happy managing peeps!

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Pictorial Report Bandung Visit ;)

Ok this time its not raining, but I just finished assessing final year case study presentation, so shut down mood for other works (ie malas).

Bandung is about 3 hours drive from Jakarta. After considering pros and conts of several means to get there, we settled for rental car with the driver. Its an Innova, and total cost including driver is 1 million rupiah (apprx rm300 ++), exluding the toll and petrol and duit makan for supir. We begin our journey as early as 7 am because we only going to spent 1 day in Bandung. Again, there are a lot of pics but they are not available anymore because of the incident with my camera.

First stop at Bandung is the Tangkuban Perahu. Entrance per person is 50k rupiah, local 10k je. It is a dormant volcano at the north part of Bandung, popular for its volcanic crater (kawah gunung berapi), hot water spring and boiling muds. And its cold there, colder than Cameron Highland. I think it is so amazing how the crater that contains sulfur is so freaking hot, that could cause the volcanic eruption, but the weather is cold. And the view is Subhanallah, so beautiful.
Beautiful right?
yang ni pon cantik jugak kan hahahahaha
Makmah lol
Indonesia is a country that has a lot of myths and legends, as they are once dominated by the Hindu and Buddha. Tangkuban Perahu is no exception. Our bapak supir told us the legend of Tangkuban Perahu originated from a story of forbidden love between a mother and his son. Dayang Sumbi, a queen in West Java chase away her son, Sangkuriang for a reason that I dont understand. Hihi. After so many years, Sangkuriang came back and both mother and son dont recognize each other, and they fall in love (I was like duhh??). Sangkuriang wanted to marry Dayang Sumbi.

To cut the story short, after an incident, she noticed that he is her son. Teng teng teng!!! So, Dayang Sumbi, being pious and knows that it is wrong, in order prevent Sangkuriang from marrying her, ask Sangkuriang to build a large boat (sebesar Titanic perhaps?) and cross a river before sunrise ('u have only one night Sangkuriang' mungkin begitu la bicara Dayang Sumbi kepada anaknya). Monolog dalaman I: Cakap je la tanak kawen. Tak boleh eh macam tu? Tapi I tak cakap la karang bapak supir tu merajuk plk dia tgh syok cerita. Ok continue. So of course he could not finish it, so when the sun rise in the horizon, he is very frustrated (mungkin kalau Dewa 19 dah ada background music dia will be lagu hancur hatiku, mengenang dikau..jadi keping2..setelah kau pergi.. hihi). , knowing that he failed the mission, kick the boat and the boat flip over, and eventually, become the gunung berapi called Tangkuban Perahu.

.....awkward silence...perahu jadi gunung berapi?...*krek krek krek (bunyi unggas dan cengkerik*.

But interesting kan? Hihi.

Right, after Tangkuban Perahu, we went to other smaller crater that has boiling muds, the Kawah Domas. Entrance 200k rupiah per group. Gila cekik darah orang Indon ni.
Its about 1.2 km walk to the crater. Gila penat masa ni. Nampak sgt x fit.
This is a printed tree. Buang kulit dia memang dah ada pattern. So pretty.
They make it into this -ash tray, pasu bunga, etc. Of cos abah beli. 50k for one small vase. Huh.
Budak yang escort kitorang tu bagi kat I. Ape ntah nama bunga ni. Jangan marah eh. Die cakap untuk halau nyamuk =P
Upon arrival terus rendam kaki. At first it was so hot, but slowly we settle down with the temperature. It feels soooo nice and relaxing. Sadly its raining short after, tapi x lebat.
Ok this is a picture after the camera incident.
So here is where the camera incident happened. I accidently dropped it into the hot boiling mud T__T. To make it worst it slipped over from my bag, unzipped bag. Bummer! I straight away pick it up, dry it with towel and keep it. Malas nak pikir. Of course bila balik try to open and its not functioning. Expected la kan. So there goes my camera for a good 4 years T_T. This pic using my camera fon, so I told Ila, hold on tight hold on tight. Hehe.
More pic at kawah domas. Cool kan abah I. Sling bag I. Heh.
Ahli rombongan Cik Kiah
Crazy + cute = adorable. lol.
refreshing with air gunung yang sejuk dan segar.
So thats about Kawah Domas. Next stop of cos tunaikan kewajipan kpd Yang Esa juga kepada perut kita. So lepas solat, cari makanan, we opt for Sunda foods.
Its raining right after we finished visitng kawah domas
Me and Awi pretending to be Nigga Gangsta. We're hungry yoo. Bring the foods yoo.
Ok pretending to be ayu pulak. Pfttt!
the foods are awesome. Its a bit sweet though. Adik I cakap kalau Indo ni, cewek Sunda biasanya cantik2. Maybe bcos they eat sweet foods, just like our kelantanese. ehh ada kaitan kah?
Their gado2 is perfect!!! nuff said.
ok makan penuh khusyuk dan tawadhuk
Perut sudah kenyang. Mula2 we plan to go to another volcano crater, Kawah Putih, but its like at the other end of Bandung, so cancel. Nak pergi strawberry farm pon macam malas. So we settled for Kg Gajah. Taktau apa ada situ so just give it a shot. Turn out it is a theme part. A bit dull.
Obviously there's no elephant in there
Water park dia x siap lagi
After Kg Gajah, we decided to go back as it is already 6 pm, to avoid the heavy traffic, plus Awi caught fever. But planned to drop by at Rumah Moda, shopping house! Hihi. So no pics there as we are too tired, we just bought a bunch of Bandung tshirt for the family and tit bits like pisang salai and brownies. Bandung is famous for its brownies, I just know. Heh.

On the highway we stop at RNR to get something to eat. Only light dinner, so we opt for bakso. I mmg teringin nak makan bakso, and it was delicious.
The bakso. Sedap. :). Kite kalau sedap happy je. lol. Budak kuat makan kan..
The ads at the restaurant caught my attention.
We arrived around 10-ish, rest and packing to go back the next day. Indonesia is a great place for vacation, but I wish to go to more historical places like all the candi and what not. I love those kind of place. Kalau ada rezeki lebih boleh pergi lagi, insya Allah.

Abah rasmi baju batik Indo. Cantik kan? pandai kan kite pilih? kan?
Selamat tinggal Indonesia. Semoga ketemu lagi.
Thats all. Sape nak ajak saya jalan lagi angkat tangan!!! *sendiri angkat tangan* ;)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Pictorial Report Jakarta Visit ;)

Haha tajuk tanak kalah. I went to Jakarta on 20th -23rd April to attend my brother's Awi convocation. He's taking medicine at UKRIDA. At Ukrida, they have the graduation ceremony (they call it hari wisuda hehe) after 3 years of theory classes, and once finished the clinical years, they will have their second convocation. Poyo kan? Haha.
Flew with Lion Air. Low cost flight. rm346 return ticket.
Well I went there with my sister Ila and abah only. Its raining when we arrived.
It's raining
I am a millionaire there. 1 ringgit is apprx. rupiah 3k. den kayo lol .
Well Awi pick us up from the Suekarno Hatta Bandara. Bandara is airport, short form for bandar udara. Indonesian surely love to shorten stuffs up. Took a cab to the rented apartment, and knowing that we are from Malaysia he asked whether we know Safee Sali. Heh. Of course la kenal pak jawabku di dalam hati. Bapak itu bilang Safee itu hebat, malah udah kaya bangat di sini. Pakei Alphard, ada supirnya sendiri. Waduh2 bangga bangat gue. By the way its macet (traffic jam) along the way, so take more than 1 hour to reach the aprtment.
Mediterranea Aprtment. View from our rented aprtment. Only rm130/day with 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen (stove, fridge and sink, dining table), air conditioned, tv and sofa. Great bargain I would say.
Upon arrival, we did Jama' ta'khir prayer and rest. Well, me being a sister who only 'ingat nak jalan tak ingat tujuan datang nak pergi adik convo' didnt bring formal wear including shoes. So what does it means? Shopping!!! After Maghrib we went to the nearby shopping complex, Central Park and Taman Anggrik. Walking distance je. Abah tak ikut so only the 3 of us. Shopping kasut and baju hihihi. Balik tu naik bajai (the motor 3 roda) haha bunyi kuat prepppepppeppp tapi slow nak mamp**. Haha. Pic ada tapi in camera (which is why tak ada, bcos somehting happened to my sony cybershot :( )

So the next day, we walk to the graduation ceremony at Pullman Jakarta Central Park, dekat saja dgn rumah. Before pergi, camwhore dulu.
Awi tanak pakai mortar board betul2. nanti habis rambut dah gel. Gitu kekdahnya.
Macam biasa control ayu. Their mortar board is pentagon by the way. Heheheh.
outside the ballroom
Wisudawan (read: graduan) walking inside. yang ko goyang beria sangat kenapa. kakja bukan pakai camera di setiap gamabr ada lagu. ni camera phone je weh.

UKRIDA stands for Kristen Krida Wacana. If I'm not mistaken its a university built by Kristian organization. Sort of macam IIUM and OIC la kot. Thats why during opening ceremony there's all the church song, and mass by the priest in Indo language. I dont really get what they are saying though.
Alhamdulillah he is done with the first part of his study. May Allah ease the rest.
Reason for this pic? I look around and notice her, and said to Ila "weh tengok kembar rozita che wan lol". The make up the kebaya ketat the badan montok hahaha.
Because this is only a short trip and we are so tamak nak pergi banyak tempat, after the ceremony off we went back to aprtment to rest and eat. We have plan to go to Tanah Abang, syurga textile katanya. Since Tanah Abang close at 4.30 and Awi predict the traffic will be mancet, plan nak pergi Restoran makanan Padang has to be cancelled, tapau je. This half Indo-half Malaysia boy tahu tempat yg sedap and murah, so biar dia je gi beli. Serius sedap nasi padang tu. No pic though. We are in hurry heh.
Abah beli baju batik and kain batik and pelekat. High quality baju batik for only rm40. Very soft kain dia. Cantik. I nak belikan utk 'orang tertentu' tapi takut tak kena plk dgn selera dia. Hihi.
Anak beranak. Baju batik abah ija yang pilihkan.
Of course Awi did all the bargain. Harapkan kitorang? Nggak gampang deh.. Haha.
Traffic in Jakarta is crazzzeeyhh! Crossing the road there is suicidal! Gila adrenaline rush. on the side note nampak tak itu apa? Itu adalah Angkut (public transport). Kitorang sgt familiar dgn angkut ni sbb dulu ada cite indon  tajuk soleha, marshanda berlakon. die keja conductor angkut ni. bila angkut ni jalan die jerit 'angkut angkut angkut angkut..' hehe.
We only managed to buy those kain batik/pelekat, telekong, and few blouses as limited time. Tapi I sempat la pass by textile shop. Cantiknya kain2 nak buat kebaya T_T. All the lace and organza and satin and what not (to make baju pengantin) is also very cheap. Tapi xde la I beli. Takde orang nak ajak I kahwin masa tu =P.

That night, we went for night sightseeing one more time, again to both Taman Anggrik to shop (this time Ila pulak nak carik kasut, semalam dia x beli sbb die sakit perut xde mood nak pilih) and to eat the yummylicous Nanny's Pavillon pancake at central park. We were too tired to walk, so take bajai first to Taman Anggrik, then walk to Central Park.
Tired face tired body tired all
Feeling2 English di Jakarta la kekdahnye
Blueberry icecream cheese pancake kejadah nama I dah lupa and vanilla caramel waffel. Sinfully delicous. Haihh teringat la pulak.
After finishing the dinner, of we went back to apartment. Tomorrow we are heading to Bandung oyeah. Ok since hujan dah berhenti I nak balik. Haha I stuck kat office because its rain heavily. Cite Bandung is to be continued.
Udah mahu pulang. Gue udah capek bangat ini.