Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I’ve been away quite a lot on March and April, for work and family matters. It’s very tiring. Here are the summary:

16 March
Went to IIUM Gombak to survey the cafés there. IIUM is going to implement healthy café concept, thus Facilities and Food Service Department (FFSD) has invited Miya and I to give talk on healthy food preparation. 

17 March
Dah alang-alang outstation at Gombak on Friday, we stayed overnight at KL to attend Mazu’s wedding on Saturday. After the wedding, I drove back to Pahang. 
Curik dari FB Kini. Hihi thanks kini. ;)
 29 March
This time, Miya drive to IIUM Gombak for the healthy café talk. We stayed at my sister’s place in Shah Alam, before continue our journey to Cameron Highland for the IEEP the next morning. 
After the talk. We were so relieved it was over. Terpancar kebahagiaan kan.
 30 March – 1 April

5-7 April
Nutrition and Dietetics Professional Competency Symposium at IMU and IJN. Of course went with Miya, and this time, I drive (bagus kan kitorang main gilir2 ;)). Nasib baik kat KL ada orang sudi bawak pergi dinner malam2. Thank you.. ^^v
The author of our textbook, Miss Escott-Stump. Mesti dia upset kalau tahu I fotostat buku dia kan. Gomene, we were students back then. We dont have much money.
 20 -23 April
Off to Jakarta/Bandung for my brother’s convocation, or they called it Wisuda Sarjana. Sambil menyelam minum air, we also went for sightseeing and also, a little shopping (read: a little saje). 
At Kawah Domas of Tangkuban Parahu, Bandung. Tiga orang ahli rombongan bersama pak supirnya.
 Oh yes, we have also completed all the CME by products company to the third year students, as preparation before they go through clinical year, for them to get used to the products that commonly used in hospital setting. So nanti, dah clinical year, kalau tak tau lagi Ensure untuk apa, Glucerna SR untuk apa, memang nak kena haipppppp la dengan I. The company that has come are Pfizer Nutrition, Abbott, Dutchlady, Danone Dumex, Pharm-D, and Nestle. Alhamdulillah, all the Nutrition Executive that me and Miya contacted cooperate very well and are willing to come to share with the students. All 7 talks have been done successfully throughout February, March and April, Alhamdulillah. I hope that the students gain a lot from all those talks. 

If I don’t have anything up on the weekend, rumah mak is my destination. Its only 1 ½ hour drive, so apa salahnya balik. It’s not like I have anything to do pon here in Kuantan on the weekend , so hohoho balik kampunglah.

So yes, March and April are tiring months, travelling and driving every weekend. But of course, it is the amanah that I have to carry, so I’m not whining, me writing this just to remember the ups and downs, the hustle and bustle in life. Peace!

p/s: the only thing i hate of being away is packing and unpacking. sangat malas. tapi i selalu dapat support masa packing *big grin* ;). 

p/s: i have no issue kalau kena outstation ke KL lagi. bagi la lagi aiman tak kesah..... hihihihihi. ;) ;) ;)

Monday, April 9, 2012


Someone asked for a pictorial report for the visit to Cameron Highland last week. I'm sorry its late. Gomene...

So KAHS organized the IEEP (Islamic Enhancement and Evaluation Programme) cum family day for the staffs and family, happening 31st March till 2nd April last week. I, of course came alone to the programme, being single and cute (apekah kaitan??). Lol. But since Miya and I involved in the healthy cafe programme in IIUM Gombak the day before, so we went by Miya's car. Our journey starts as early as 7.30 am from my sister's place in Shah Alam. Bismillah..
Nom nom nom budak kuat makan
Our first stop is Hentian Sebelah Simpang Pulai, before exit Simpang Pulai. We went up to Cameron through this route as recommended by few people, saying that the route is easier. I am having a nice hazelnut coffee and shared my favorite chocolate-strawberry waffel with Miya. And no, its not the right call. Having coffee before going through the jalan bengkang bengkok is a bad decision. Headache and diuretic effect. Full stop. I've learnt my lesson. ;)

Since I have the urgency to PU thanks to the coffee (that's pass urine, for those who didnt know), we  stop by at Brinchang (that's before Tanah Rata, our destination) at this place called S'Corner, where it has strawberry and mushroom farm.

For the record I wont have the gut to eat mushroom with this color. Looks poisonous right?
So after we did we we got to do (=p), our journey continues. But these two grown up ladies who didnt know how to read map and could not find any signage of the hotel that we about to stay happily went straight pass it until we reach Boh tea plantation and sense that we were wrong (its quite far from Tanah Rata). So, another pit stop yeay haha.
I knew I looked fat but screw that ok. Just enjoy the beautiful tea farm. ;)
After enjoying the sunny and cold afternoon at the tea farm, we were heading back to our target destination, Cool Point Hotel. Its a budget hotel, so I dont wanna talk much about it, heh.We have a chill evening at the hotel, relaxing, while waiting the rest of the KAHS family to arrived. And yeah we went to the evening market at Brinchang later that evening, during the rainy day. I bought a cute strawberry umbrella, eat jagung bakar in the rain, and shiver all night long hihi.
Steamboat dinner + opening ceremony. Dine with this great couple. Miya and Iqbal were so nice to me, knowing that I'm all alone and lonely (sedih tak?). Thank you friends. :)
The first morning in Cameron is chilly (of course) and the first destination is the Taman Agroteknologi Mardi.
Its look dark but the weather is actually sunny
What I like so much about this farm is flowers! There are a lot of them. And they are pretty. Like like like! Orang lain sibuk kat strawberry farm I tak menyempat pergi tengok munge dulu.
The pretty purple lavender
Cuteness overload!!! Snow daisy. Alahai cutenya cutenye cutenye rasa nak makan.
I'm not a big fan of rose. Tapi kena la ada kan.. Nanti munge ros sedih dengan I. :)
All time favorite: Daisy si Cantik manis dan sopan. I selalu rasa Daisy ni munge yang sopan. Who second me?
Dah nama pon all time favorite kan.. This time its red and white.
I love this one too. Reminds me of Narnia. Kan? Kan?
I dont like our first lady but that doesnt means I'm not patriotic (apakah kaitan??). Presenting bunga raya bunga kebangsaan. Demi negara yang tecinta ku curahkan bakti penuh setia~~
Banyak lagi gambar herbs kite amik. Parsley cukup la eh?
Someone pls hand me thousand island. These salads look unsinfully delicious and healthy!
Masak lomak sodap nih hihi.
After lunch, we have telematch. Indoor telematch! Aigoo very crowded. Tak sesuai ok. But I managed to join one. Team up with Dr Muz, Dr Muhammad, Zati and Shaz main Bowling cawan polistrin. Hey only 1 'pin' left tau. Not bad huh?
on your mark!
Later that evening, Miya and Iqbal ajak pergi tea plantation. Of course the me that is tak malu nak join kan. Hihihi. The scene is marvelous, the weather is cold and windy and serene, but teetttt! I got car-sick on the way there. So uncool! The route is very small and very bengkang bengkok dont blame me. :)
Upon arrival, holding back the nausea feeling. Kesian kite kan?
Esok-esok kalau dah kahwin kite nak ajak suami jalan2 macam ni la. Hewhewhew romantic noks.
Subhanallah so beautiful.
Angin kuat sejuk sangat. This is after we climbed a good 174m hill to the view point. Love on top yeah!
On the way down. Bumped into this Bangladeshi working on the tea leaves.
On the way back to hotel singgah at this Cameron Bharat Tea House. Its one of me and Miya's dream to have a nice cuppa tea. I have Mint Pudina Tea with Carrot cake. The cake is sinfully awesome. *drool*
Introducing my strawberry umbrella! ^^v
The visit to tea plantation is sooo cool! I like it so much. Thanks to Miya and Bal for bringing me up there hehe. Well on the very last day we just did discussion, group by department on certain kuliyyah's issue, and did some last minute shopping at KEA farm. I bougt vegies, dried strawberries, and sweet corn for my mother. ;)
At KEA farm. Barang2 I beli letak kat bawah, berat, x ada orang nak tolong bawak. :(
 Well thats about it. Overall its a laid back and relaxing visit. So please give me an A for this report ok. Cool! ^^v