Thursday, September 29, 2011


I was so smurfcited watching the Smurfs. I smurfed Smurfs so much. Yeah u will hear lotta smurfs in this movie. This movie is sooooo cute, smurfdorable, fun, blue (and green -yeah there are lots of green things in the movie), and cute (i think this should come twice). Indeed memang cute gila. The plot however is a bit cincai and not that strong, but screw that, who cares! As long as it is fun to watch, I have no complaint. Enjoy the theme song! Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala~~

Watched it last night after work with Miya. I used to watch movie after works, but I think it is not applicable here. Penat. Though the movie was fun but I was so sleepy sigh. Plus we got the first row seats. Not expected the hall would be fullhouse on weekdays. There are lots of funny scenes -my favorite would be the helicopter scene and the wheelchair scene. Hilarious! Well Mr Bean's styles -rolling eyes, fall down, gelabah should be expected when u watch this movie.

Thanks Miya and June for the company. Love!

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Hari Raya is going to end soon. Hari ini nak pergi beraya umah cik Gu JUN Pyo kat Kg Padang yey. And nak tgk Smurf yey! Anyway just want to enjoy the raya pics of our family. Funny thing is the photoshoot was taken on the 4th day of raya, when all the family are there. And we have an addition to the family, Syirah. She is our cousin that live just close to our house. Masa dia lahir ibu dia berpantang kat rumah kita, so yeah she's been taken care by my mak and the rest of us. And kita selalu cakap dia anak mak abah no 7. Thats why we are bonded to her hihi.
testing testing
ok gambar tak senonoh dulu
testing lagi
there there. at the back from left: SIL kak ecah, erin, long, awi, ila, adik, BIL abg sayut, syauqi, kakni. front from left: kita, abah, mak, cuz syirah
hj abd kadir and hjh norazimah aka abah and mak
erin sabotaj tudung mama
behind the scene: penat mengagah budak kecik tu di blkg kamera
syauqi pon sama. kami jadi x betol behind camera to make him laugh.
ok giliran anak bujang. hihi.
the six of us. trm kasih mak abah mendidik kami. heart!
xkan boleh lama nya jadi serius.
tapi mak abah maintain skema. mcm mana anak2 jadi x betol kat blkg ish2.
atok dan nenek yg obses dgn cucu2nya.

family long

family kakni
the three stooges, the three musketeers, the power puff girls, the charlies angels, the syahiza/la/da. eh and plus syirah and syauqi.

heheh muka protes
dipujuk dgn babybites senyap la dia
Thats all. Semoga bertemu lagi dgn Ramadhan dan Syawal tahun depan. Love u all. xoxo.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


I am not proud of myself today
I ate a lot, like seriously a lot
Kick off the day with a plate of nasi goreng kampung and telur mata
Went for lunch, having kfc with indulgence sundae
Back to IMC and get a little something from kiwi land
Thanks kaksarah *wave to u*
The chocolate was sinfully delicious!
On the way back bought some junkies from 7-e
Keropok Bika!
Happily snacking while my car was showered in the auto car wash
Then the guilt is coming
Oh my oh my I shudnt do that -I mean melantak like that
So I said to myself no more foods for tonight
If u are hungry get an apple and thats it
Then my brother arrived home with....FOODS!
'Long baru balik dari pasar malam, makan lerr'
I broke that little promise I made a while ago,
happily eat the kopok lekor and apam balik
After Maghrib I smell something nice
'Kak Ecah buat nasi goreng mai la makan'
Blame the good smell, I cudnt resist it
Lastly, we have cut apples as a desert
So now I am bloated
Sesal dahulu pendapatan, sesal kemudian tidak berguna

Saturday, September 17, 2011


The gastritis is back yesterday. I feel sick after Maghrib; a terrible headache, but just ignore it. Went out for dinner and grocery shopping with Long and Kakecah and lil Erinika, and otw back felt nausea. I feel the urge to vomit, but I was trying to hold it at first. Actually I am a person who can control the need to vomit when i feel nausea, but of course I will suffer -in a way I got headache and quesy tummy and uneasiness and uncomfortable and what not. So we stop by at a gas station when I decided to throw up. And there goes my dinner, all of it, nothing left T_T.

I hope that this episode of gastritis wont last long. As I mentioned before, vomiting took a lot of energy, its very tiring. And not to mention the weakness after such episode, and of course you need to replace all that has been taken out by eating something, but your appetite to eat is gone. Besides, I really cannot take medical leave at the moment, as literally, there is no one to cover for me.

Ya Allah, please grant us good health. Rabbi yassir wa la tu'assir.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


now how's that? =)
a jar of hearts (^_^)v
p/s: just to remember a day that i smile by myself in the car after crushing bumping into someone hihi.
p/s 2: images googled.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


i have headache now
today is a very tiring day
back from work, i planned to sleep
but here i am, lying on my bed
writing instead  
because i want to remember this day
the first few days as a teaching dietitian

being a teacher is not as easy as it seems
its hard, very hard
there are a lot to do, a lot to think
what to discuss with students
how to answer their questions
do they understand what i thought them
am i too fierce or too nice
am i giving them too much homework or too little
ah pendek kata banyak la nak kena fikir

so to my teachers
now that i am in your shoes
thank you so much
because i know now
the insecurity that u feel whether the student understand or not
and the guilt that lingering u when the student do it wrong

the exhaustion and headache will go away, replaced by
the happiness that shower u when they understand
the joy that u felt when they do it right
the pleasure the moment they say thank you...
may Allah bless all my teachers

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Yesterday (10/9/11) I went to KL for few reasons:
1. Send off my sister and brother Ila and Awi to KL. Ila is about to start new semester (and her final sem) and Awi is going back to Indonesia this Tuesday. May Allah ease everything amin.
2. Attend a friend’s wedding at Gombak. Ain Sham (KISAS batch 0203) is married! Congratulation dear. Semoga bahagia sampai syurga.
3. Jumpa Syauqi! Aduh gigi sebatang die dah beso. *hugs kisses*

And this morning am going back home. Arrived home at 12.45 noon, and soon going back to Kuantan. Tired? Yes. So I am trying to sleep first before start the journey (as if Kuantan is that far from my house –took about 1 and ½ hour je). And I’ve been trying since 2.15 pm. Adoi tak boleh tidur la. There are a lot in my mind right now; lots of planning, lots of thinking, lots of mapping thing. Haissh. 

Well the main factor of the ‘could-not-sleep-as-there-are-a-lot-to-think’ disease is tomorrow is the first day of student’s clinical attachment. I have this habit that when something big is coming, my mind start working extra hard thinking of the so many ‘if’ that is going to happen, think of what I might do, how I may react, etc2. May Allah ease everything. Amin. 

P/s: I remember the very 1st day when we were to start clinical attachment. Tak boleh tidur jugak. Now I am the dietitian, pon tak boleh tidur. Agak-agak student boleh tidur tak? *wonder*

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


6 September 20011.
Abah turned 54 today. He was born 1 week after merdeka, hence has the same age as Malaysia.
He is one great father. He might not be the best father in the world, but at least to us, he is the best.
He work hard, for here and hereafter.
I dont have to brag about his kindness, only that I pray that all his good deeds will be accepted by Allah, amin. 
May Allah shower you with happiness, rahmat, and 'inayah. amin.
May all your wish come true, amin. 
May you be granted with good health so that many other people will received your kindness, and so we can repay your hardship to raise us, amin. 
May Allah bless you abah, amin. 

Abah dengan isteri dan anak2 abah, dari kiri: anak no 2, 3, 1, 5, 6, dan 4. 
abah dengan anak abah no 3 pada kenduri kahwin anak saudara abah
abah dengan isteri abah dan anak abah no 2 dan 3 pada hari convo anak abah no 3
abah dengan cucu-cucu abah

Anak no. 3 ;)

Monday, September 5, 2011


Oh my oh my I already typed my raya story till the end (read: dah habis cerita dah) when out of sudden my lappie hang and they were gone. Ciscis dia tak autosave pulak!
Since am so sleepy (read: lazy) to retype tonight, here are (ehem2) the best story of today ;)

I report duty today at IIUM, for the post dietitian. Alhamdulillah that was one of the good story. But the best story doesnt end there. Well well, as I havent done the medical check up yet, off I went to Poliklinik Komuniti Beserah (PKB), right after small chit chat with the new HOD of Department of Nutrition Sc, Dr Wan Azdi. Of course the waiting for my number to up and the ulang alik PKB-HTAA-PKB (because PKB'S xray service ada problem) are annoying, but there are things that made me smile all day hihi. 

Cerita 1
While waiting for dental check up, the chick beside me suddenly ask "Check up untuk PLKN eh? Awak dpt kem mane?". And I was like huh??? p/s oh adik kalau kita jmp lagi kakak blanje eskem mat kool hoccay.

Cerita 2
While waiting for xray, a woman beside me tried to break the ice "Ramai kan orang? Akak teman adik buat xray die nak masuk UITM. Adik dpt U mane?". Hihi.

Cerita 3
Well the question was pretty much the same as Cerita 2, but it was asked by the doctor, HA, and nurse. 

Apa kesimpulan cerita ini? 
I am 18! 

p/s: ini baru betul2 muda. this is when i was 16. spot me!