Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My form 5 English teacher used to say; keep on blaming until you cant blame anybody. Lately I've been so demotivated, frustrated and sad. Teaching is not easy. Teaching students who listen well bring satisfaction. Teaching students who dont listen to u is tiring. Teaching students who dont appreciate you is still tolerable, I mean I dont ask for u to praise me or what. I know its my job. Teaching students who blamed all their mistakes on me, makes me cry.

I heard people talk. And I heard it from their own words as well.

'Never heard of it'
'Never learn it before'
'We only know about it from the hospital dietitian'

Classic example:

'Why u dont do SGA for the pt?'
'Because the dietitian in that hospital is busy, dont have time'
'Why u didnt do it on ur own?'
'Because I dont know how to. Never learn it before'

'Never learn it before...'
That broke my heart. I gave my own copy of SGA form and the SGA physical examination assessment. And as far as I remember, discussed it with every group. Yes I dont do hands on with each students, but to say u never learn it before, is an understatement.

Maybe lately I am overly sensitive, too fragile right now. Maybe the problem is me. I know I am far away from good, with very little experience and all. But spare me some pride. I am a human, after all...

Well, a little advice: Keep on blaming until you cant blame anybody.