Friday, December 30, 2011


 2 days left to say adios to 2011. 2011, for me, is a unique year. It can be divided into two phase –relaxing phase (up to the point it’s depressing), and ‘back in business’ phase. 

I was struggling to find job during the first phase. Mind u, I quit my first job on November 2010, after only 6 months of working. I was so confident at that time that I won’t be jobless for too long. Yeah silly me. That being said, I never (read: never ever ever ever ever ever –Barney Stinson’s style) regret the decision. The time I quit was the same time as my sister deliver Syauqi (my very first nephew), also my youngest brother involved in pretty serious accident. So I could lend some hand to my parents at home (or that’s what I thought I did –u know, to ease myself, heh). 
CPU Bangi was cool, but HATTM was pfftt. ;)
Anyway not that I didn’t get any offer during the first phase. I did get a few –but turned it down. Yeah I know, dah la tak ada kerja, mengada-ngada pulak nak memilih. In my defense, my 1st job really thought me to be selective. Haha. Don’t get me wrong, I really learnt a lot from being a catering dietitian. It’s just that I can’t keep up with the work. The job demands me 24-7. They even call me at 2,3 am, also on the weekend. So yeah, I chose to leave. 

Well here are the recaps of the ups and downs in 2011. Check it out!

-I supposed to report duty for the Dutchlady job on the 3rd. The pay was good though. I choose to stay at home instead ;).
-Fizah (my paus-mate) and Radzi wedding. I went to Radzi’s reception in USJ. 

-Besties wedding, Nawa. My roommate for 4 years. 
I love it how many of us are not ready in this pix. Love!
Add another year to my age, I am 24! Hey I'm cool with it (tipu).
One of my favorite from SR -chocolate strawberry. Yummeyh! Thanks long.
-Another month of being jobless. On the positive side, my cooks were improving (again, nak sedapkan hati).

-Interview in IIUM Kuantan, as clinical dietitian. God knows how nervous I was to be interviewed by dear lecturers –Dr Nik and Sis Fathin. I pass the interview, has to wait for 2nd interview in Gombak by MSD. Quoted from Dr Nik when he advised me on tips for Gombak’s interview –‘I remember u being a very confident student in class, so I don’t have issue with ur confidence level. Its just that u have to be critical, because MSD love to ask question to test ur critical thinking skill (Nampak sangat budak ni maleh memikir haha).
Gath with these crazy but adooorable girls during interview, in diet kitchen and no less. How nostalgic that was. Love!
……………………………………. <--Shows depression. Six months with no jobs. No news from UIA. I seriously thinking about pursuing masters.

-Kakya’s wedding. 

-Went to IDP open day. Semangat berkobar-kobar nak sambung study. Dream big, nak pergi oversea. There’s no harm in planning (and dreaming) right?
-The end of May, saw some light at the end of the tunnel (cewah). Went for interview as a part time dietitian in Selayang Hospital (SH). Thanks to a friend Ilman for the info. Alhamdulillah was accepted (at last, sayonara jobless!).

-Kick off in SH. Blessed with a chance to work with many great, inspiring, and of course, fun people –Big boss Pn Mages (used to be our visiting lecturer back then), Kak Nora, Kak Elly, Kak Zam, Kak Fizah, June, Ben, TLF, and Ilman. 

Wonderful people
-Miya-Iqbal wedding! I went to Iqbal’s reception at Pontian. It was a day trip with Ilman, Pitat and Alip. And it was crazeyh! Haha. Laughing all the way. Alip asyik buat lawak bangang je sepanjang jalan (ade ke patut panggil aku JAH?).

Kitorang jadi extra dalam photoshoot diorg. Cool.

-Start this blog ;)
-My first time in PD. Hooooray! Thanks to my kakak and BIL for the invite to stay at TNB’s guest house with them. Went to Kakfizah’s wedding in PD as well.
Kakfizah yang gorjes.
-Move in to Kak Elly’s house. A very wonderful time with Kak Elly and June. They are the bestest and coolest housemates ever!

Buka puasa bersama2 @ Restoran asam pedas. OMG their bubur lambuk is awesome.

-Finally, interview at IIUM Gombak. However I was really demotivated at that time. The other candidates are the best –Pitat is very experienced, has been working in HKL more than a year already, and the rest; Ramadan, Sakini and Karimah, although they are juniors, I know that they are the best in their batch. So yeah, I just went, feeling down. And was the last to be interviewed. My hope at that time? 10%. Yup only that much. Betul tak tipu. Still, faiza ‘azamta, fatawakkal alallah~

-4th Ramadhan: The date that I’ll remember forever. It was the holy month Ramadhan, after Zuhur prayer and mengaji in the surau, I got the call from MSD, was accepted to IIUM. Alhamdulillah.
-It was also my last month in SH. As much as I longing to work in IIUM, I was having second thought about leaving SH. Betul tak tipu. Kakak2 kat SH baik sangat, the working environment was cool. So I say my farewell to SH, that has thought me a lot. :(
Pn Mages ckp, kita buat gaya freestyle laa.. ;)

-Start off at IIUM. Uish memang berdebar. Only a week after report duty the final year students start their clinical attachment. I was in charged for In-patient, in HTAA. That’s why I am so grateful and blessed for the chance to work in SH, though it was only for a short period. It sorta trained and polished me to be ready to teach students. Thanks SH!
The first group attached with me. Sorry I was still new at that time. I wish for us to start over.
Busy jangan kacau ;)
It takes forever to finish checking the logbooks
-Busy jugak ;)
Qi dan eyin, one year old
-Oh attend Clinical Nutrition Workshop. Cool!

-Final rotation, final group, finally…
-IIUM Mosque is finally done. Alhamdulillah. Really brought back memories…
IIUM Kuantan mosque. We grew up in IIUM listening to the sounds of its construction.
Well that’s pretty much the summary of 2011. I even blogged about some of the event, u know, to keep them as memory. It is a challenging year, with the job issue and what not. The most important lesson that I learn was Allah is the ultimate planner. Wa makaru wa makarallah, wallahu khairul makirin. What we can do is to keep on going, keep on praying. Jangan putus asa dengan rahmat Allah. Always remember that Allah knows best. There’s always something in everything.  So 2011, bai bai! Although you were a difficult year, I still love u, u know? 

2012? Azam? New year resolution? I don’t set any specific target. I am just hoping to become better –better Muslim, daughter, sister, friend, dietitian, and employee. Yeah maybe there are certain things that I wanted to achieve and do, hence may Allah ease everything. Semoga diberi yang terbaik. So 2012, bring it on!!!
Jangan malas berdoa

 Love, Ija.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Being a dietitian is not all about dietetic consultation. Sometimes its beyond that. Take today’s case as example. I was covering Kak Aishah in Klinik Sekilau. One of the patient today was a 50 yo Science teacher. She was the 8th pt, the last pt before lunch hour, newly diagnosed with diabetes mellitus.

So same old same, I asked for her 24 hour diet recall, and the food frequency checklist. To cut the story short, she practices a very good, healthy, well and balanced diet (the one that I myself found it hard to do), all that you can find in the textbook. The portion size is very good, no refined sugar in the diet, lots of veggies (organic some more), healthy cooking methods, healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly, regular medical check up, and she also has an ideal body weight. She claimed that she has always been practicing healthy diet, and has become more conscious on diet ever since her husband was diagnosed with cancer in 2004. She knows all about the anti oxidants, omega 3, unsaturated fat and what not, as she claimed that she read about diet more than she study for her Masters. That’s how conscious she is. That being said, she has a strong family hx of DM, as her mother was diabetic.  

Her question is –what have I done wrong?

It’s a very difficult question. Because she asked that not because she didn’t know the answer, but she asked that out of despair, frustrated, and sad. I could sense that she was heartbroken. It is always easy to counsel diabetic pt based on the guidelines that we have –regular meal time, don’t skip meal, avoid refined sugar, carbohydrate counting, increase fiber and less fat. What if your pt already knows all these stuffs, and what more has been practicing it for long? Do I still nag about all these things? Of course I still did the usual diabetic counseling; despite she already knows most of it, but with justification. Each diabetic guideline that I mentioned to her, comes with the ‘why’. Well I hope that helps. But that’s not all.

Remember I mentioned before that diet consultation is very individual? So I told the pt, that diabetic, is hereditary. When your mother has diabetes, the chance that u might also get it is 25%. At the beginning of the discussion (I rather called it a discussion as she knows a lot) she was very skeptical about genetic issue (despite being a Science teacher she is). For her it is not fair, you know, to get the disease simply because your mother has it, because it is in your DNA.

I’ve learned Developmental Psychology during my first year of study. The Kubler-Ross grief cycle. There are 5 stages of grief, upon knowing bed news. They are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. I believed that the pt has been on the second stage –she she keeps questioning why, and how does she get diabetes, with all the healthy diet and lifestyle. She said that if it is not for the biochem result in her hand, and the repeating test, and the diagnosis by doctor, she will never believe it. And she is somewhat giving up on healthy lifestyle, as she mentioned that why bother when at the end of the day, she still sick. 
The Kubler-Ross Grief Cycle -image googled

At the end of the session, I did tell her something else –to bersabar, and having diabetes doesn’t mean the end of the world. She can always continue practicing healthy lifestyle, take control of the disease, don’t let it ruin you, physiologically and emotionally. And that was not me as a dietitian talking –that was me as a human being, trying to put myself in her shoes. Its difficult, really. I just hope that she will reach the end stage of the grieving process, which is the ACCEPTENCE phase, make peace with the disease, and yeah, control it.

Sometimes its hard to explain things with Science. As a Muslim, we have to have faith in Qada’ and Qadar. When Allah said kun, fayakun. No one can stop it from happening. And we must believe that there is always something in everything. Setiap perkara yang terjadi ada hikmahnya. La yukallifullahu nafsan illa wus’aha. May Allah grant us with good health, amin.

Thursday, December 22, 2011


I sit for PMR in 2001. It was 10 years back. 10 years! Really, how fast time flies. Kalau beranak tu anak kite dah 10 tahun dah, darjah 4. See how long ago it is. The memory of taking PMR is still there (somewhere in my brain), but somehow it has become hazy. Oh memory please don’t go away.

My lower form was in Ma’ahad As-Sultan Ahmad Shah Ad-Dini. Siqah kan nama? It is a sekolah agama under JAIP. Sekolah agama ni ada 2 jenis –under Jabatan Agama Islam Negeri (kain hijau) and also Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Agama (SMKA, kain biru). The different is sekolah agama kain hijau took all the ‘religious courses’ (subjek agama) in Arabic; Quran, Hadis, Nahu, Tauhid, Feqah, Sirah Nabawiyyah, Tafsir, etc (could not recall la). 
Serius rindu nak jejak kaki ke sini. -Pic from Maahad website
Back  to the PMR story. Today was the announcement of the result for PMR 2011. Tengok berita see all the happy faces mula la layan blues teringat zaman kite dulu kan. My result? It was excellent! Haha. Hey its true I got 9A for my PMR 2001. When I saw in the news  those that get straight A’s I was telling them (or telling the TV, or…telling myself actually) hey aku pon straight A jugak lol! *Immatured! I know*. Anyway it is their moment kan, so lets not steal their thunder. Let them enjoy and be happy about it. We have ours before, so cukup2 la tu. Sekarang tak rasa apa2 pon dapat 9A itu. ;)

But I was the best student for my school back then (haha tak habes lagi cerita berlagak aku nih). Masa nak amik result pagi tu dah ready nak gi amik ngan abah ni. Dalam kereta kawan abah pakcik Muzahid (his daughter and son are my friend Mardhiah Hanis and Syafiq. Syafiq kawan before kite lompat kelas, Mardhiah kawan after lompat kelas –they are only one year apart) called and spilled the beans. Ish tak surprise langsung. So I went to school already knowing my result. Sampai sekolah the school clerk tried to crack a joke saying I got 9E. Ye la tu. Of course I was so happy at that time. Though I was telling myself be cool, jangan riya’, but more or less ada jugak rasa bangga itu. Astaghfirullah. 

Reminiscing all these memories tiba2 tergerak nak tengok website Ma’ahad itu. Guess what I found? Tadaaa… haha. See I don’t lie.  

From the list, Habib also went to Kisas, stay for STAM in Kisas, then further study in Middle East (kalau tak salah). Nuar lost contact, Udi (Fadhilah), Fizah and Sarida all taking Laws in IIUM, Ainul IRK IIUM, Izzate pon lost contact. Haa list kat atas tu for year 2002 Muhammad Syafiq Muzahid (yes it’s the Syafiq anak pakcik Muzahid I mentioned earlier) amik architecture, IIUM jugak. *Eh sapik ko dapat D subjek apa hah? Hehe*. Eh budak Ma’ahad ni suke betol masuk UIA ye.

Though PMR seems unimportant now, but I am so grateful for what I got because of it. I was accepted to a very wonderful school (not to say that Ma’ahad is not wonderful. Both schools are great in their own way) because of it. Therefore, despite knowing that they are not reading this, my du’a goes to all my teachers in Ma’ahad, for all the thoughts of the wonderful 3 years. May Allah bless all of u. Amin.

Sunday, December 18, 2011


A flying mat...

Sudah jampi pon tikar ini tak mahu terbang
Mahu terbang
Tengok bumi dari langit
Tengok apa orang itu buat, apa orang ini bikin
Tapi sekarang hujan, nanti basah, tikar terbang tak ada bumbung
Tak apalah
Duduk saja di bumi
Tengok langit
Cari pelangi...

Friday, December 16, 2011


I love music. Dont give me crap like Lady gagak or Nicky Minaj or Mizznina (gosh I really hate lagu whatchuwaitingfor itu). I mean real music by 'real' cool band, those that play rock, alternative rock, slow rock, pop rock and what not. Though I never been to any concert before (konsert nasyid kat sekolah and UIA tak kira kot), I always love to watch live performance. The feeling of live performance by live band is somewhat different. Its the best!
Love abam chris martin gigi gap ;)
I love Coldplay, since the epic Yellow. Masa tu kita dengar kat radio saje, mana ada download2 ni. First time listen to the song I was like this song is soooo cool. So I marked Coldplay as one of my favorite, though I dont know other song by them but Yellow. It was during university time that I started looking for their songs, download (illegal, sorry Coldplay kite student time tu, student kan selalu miskin) their album and stuff. That is when I fall in love with other songs such as In my place, Fix you, and of course the another epic, Viva la vida.

Eh anyway this entry comes after a friend share on FB the clip The Scientist. I wonder why the scientist is not one of my favorite dulu. Its awesome! Alah masa dulu rajin download full album, scan through (dengar semua lagu few times, select my favorites to put on the playlist, lepas tu yg lain tak dgr dah hehe).

The latest release by Coldplay is Mylo Xyloto. Huh title of the album pon dah cool. Haa dah kerja pon tak beli album jugak. Hey in my defense my car tak ada cd player. Nnt la kite tukar the old car stereo with a new one. Sayang la the old one is still ok tsk tsk.. My friend joke about the banjir kilat in KL is because of Every teardrop is a waterfall lol! The title of the song is so hyperbola, but or course, me like! Kite memang suke over2 ni kan.

Current love? Check this out. Para para paradise... Oh again, Coldplay is soooo cool.

Besides coldplay my other favorite bands include lifehouse, greenday, simple plan (this is mainly bcos my sister likes them so terikut), the fray (tapi the fray tak layan semua, only certain songs) and the latest one, one republic. Errr and westlife??? ;)

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Whenever asked what my favorite animal is, or if u could choose to be one, what kind of animal I will be, my answer will always be a HORSE! No I am not an equestrian (its obvious is it?) neither a regular horse rider. But I always like horse. Horse always look strong, in fact they are strong. They are fast. They seem wild but are tame in certain way. And they are handsome (even a female one looks handsome right?). I superlike it when they run –gosh horse looks super strong and sturdy when they run. 
Gagah kan? -pic google
Anyway why talk about animal out of sudden? I did a sorta personality test the other day on animal stuffs, so emerge this entry. But we’ll come to that one later. Back to the animal story. Yes I love animals. They are also makhluk Allah so what not to be love about them? However being an animal lover I am, I only love to LOOK at them. Touching them? Hell no. This is mainly because animal is unpredictable. One time they like u, and the next, they suddenly bite u. Creepy right? So yeah, I just love watching and looking at them. It reminds me of Al-Hakim (Maha Bijaksana). Imagine how many species of animals is there on earth? Each is very unique and carries its own responsibility. So yes, looking at them is one of the easiest and deepest tazkirah u can get. Also, they bring tranquility (well some of them ;) ). 

Back to the animal test story. My dear friend kakak Sarah Rahmat share on Facebook the other day about the quiz. Its called what is the inner animal in you. It was a gloomy, boring, sickly (kan I demam) weekend, so a light and fun quiz wont do any harm, no? The quiz was cast by the worldwildlife (WWF) website (but the quiz is no longer available now). Hey guess what’s the inner animal in me? No its not horse. Well I am an EMPEROR PENGUIN! Should I yeay? ;). A total upside down from a horse lol! Tapi penguin cute kan? Kan? Kan? ;)
The result ;)
 Hihi kak sarah kata it describe me well! Highlight: YOU BOND EASILY WITH OTHERS AND A GREAT TEAM PLAYER, SHARING RESPONSIBILITIES FOR THE COMMON GOOD. Haaa siapa kawan dengan kite untung la kan lol (ok siapa nak muntah dipersilakan hihihihihi)! But I think bond easily with others tu tak berapa betol kot. I am a shy person, so let u know ;). 

Berdiri macam cover album boyband je. Imagine Backstreetboys berdiri mcm ni. Haha kelakar x saya? -pic google
Haa in real life, emperor penguin is called emperor because they are the largest of all penguins. The unique thing about an emperor penguin is once the female laid the egg, it promptly leaves it behind. Sound irresponsible right? No no I’m not finish yet. They went for hunting trip looking for foods for as long as 2 months, traveling 50 miles *background song lagu imran ajmain seribu tahun: relaku mengejarmu seribu batu jauh lagi…*. Hey imagine penguin jalan 50 miles (approximately 85 km). They are slow walker (yeah that’s me I have small steps ;)). Tak ke penat tu? When female penguins return to the breeding site, they bring a belly full of food that they regurgitate for the newly hatched chicks. Oh besar sungguh jasa ibu kan?

Then what the male emperor do? Well unlike sesetengah lelaki durjana yang tidak menghargai isteri dan anak, male emperor stay back protecting the egg while the female hunt for foods (eh macam terbalik pulak kan?). The way they protect the egg is also very unique. They keep the newly laid eggs warm, but they do not sit on them, as many other birds do. Males stand and protect their eggs from the elements by balancing them on their feet and covering them with feathered skin known as a brood pouch (ouch mesti lenguh kan?). During this two-month bout of babysitting the males eat nothing! Oh mesti mereka kurus *jeles*.When the female come back then only they go to the sea to look for foods. It is said that the male emperor could lose half of their weight in the process (50% weight loss in two months is regard as significant weight loss. They need nutrition intervention!). Oh besar sungguh jasa ayah kan? All the info is credited to National Geography website.

Eh besides me my Optom friend Ain is also an emperor penguin. Yeah high five Ain! Kak sarah, on the other hand, is an iguana. Lol. Other Optom friend Kakdilah pulak is a kangaroo (I think its obvious lol!). 

Well I end this entry with the two animals that I don’t like. Don’t ever bring them near me I warn you. They are lizard and frog. Don’t ever!

Friday, December 9, 2011


A fever...
37.8 deg Celcius
Inflammed throat
Flu and runny nose
Chilly and shivering
A pile of logbooks to be marked.

My body is very smart
It waited till the end to fall sick
Kalau sakit awal-awal nanti kesian student tak ada chekgu.

Wishing u a speedy recovery Ija (doa untuk diri sendiri)

p/s: satu rumah sakit. mula2 my niece eyin, then my brother, then my SIL, and now me. sakit secara berjemaah.

Friday, November 25, 2011


Yeah I have an emotional breakdown last week. That was so immature of me to share it outloud here *sheepish*. But hey, that’s life right? You can never be happy all the time. Well I kick off the week with a new spirit, new motivation, and I could not be any happier. My previous group could see the different side of me –last week I was so grumpy and hot-tempered, but this week, I am smiling all the way! Marah student pon marah-marah sayang saja.

The reason to be happy? Easy. SELF-REFLECTION. I reflect back everything that has happened, and looking at it from positive side. See the glass half full! ;). The mistakes that students made might be the reason for me to be a better teacher, and for them to be a better student. Easy right? ;)

Well of course there are other reasons for me to be happy. I am not that great to acquire all the positive energy by myself. Heh. 

1. Clinical Nutrition Workshop: Managing the BIG Problem at Institute of Health Management Bangsar 18-19 Nov 2011

I am a young, new dietitian who really looking forward for this kind of course. We got updates, discussion, and meeting with lots of great people. Yeay I love meeting and get to know inspiring people. It’s just the best feeling ever. The focus of the workshop is to update on management of obesity patient in surgical and critical care. Basically they were discussing ASPEN, ESPEN, Canadian Guidelines and stuffs that we were already familiar with. But when it was delivered by a group of expert, from specialist to senior dietitian to pharmacist, it was indeed very beneficial and different as compared to when you read the guidelines on your own. 
Clinical Nutrition Workshop -pic credit to Ilman Hadree
NST Simulation Session -my group, group 1- Enterocutaneous Fistula. I learn a lot from the discussion. -pic credit to Nutrition e Rounds
2. Gathering with My Babes…errr and Two Gentlemen

It was so nice to meet your friends in different atmosphere, now that we are dietitians. Mimi is now dietitian in Pantai Hosp Cheras, Nadirah in Hosp Hulu Terengganu, Mazu in HUKM, Ilman in Selayang Hosp, Farid (he is our senior, but he’s a friend too right?) in Hosp Ipoh, and of course me and Miya from IIU. We could see Mimi’s baby bump, Miya is now happily married to non-other than our friend Iqbal, Mazu is now enganged, also to an Iqbal (dietitian suka nama Iqbal kot ehem2), Nadi flew all the way from Terengganu to KL, and me being single and very much available (haha I have to highlight that no?). Trust me it’s very cool to see how different we are now but at the same time still the same.
Group photo -nadi, mimi, perut mimi, miya, ilman and me. not in pic mazu and farid -pic credit to Ilman
3. Jumpa Syauqi

Adoii this boy really melt my heart. Very adorable. Very manja. Very cute. Very talkative. Kuat makan haha.  A perfect nephew I would say. I stay at my sister’s house for 1 day after the workshop, so dapat spend quite some time with Qi. See as his name imply, he gave me a lot of vibrant and positive ‘qi’. Love u boy!
anak soleh dan bijak
4. Sharing is Caring
Well I am a person who look-all-over-seeking-for-advice-when-I-have-problem kind of person. I am a person who need to share my feelings whenever I felt down. Hence advices from my dear friends –Mimi, Mazu, Ilman, Nadi, Miya and also Iqbal really help a lot. Thanks friends. 
image google
5. Harimau Muda Get Us the Gold Medal for Sea Game

They were hot! Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow! Haha. It was a very interesting game. Adrenaline rush all the way. We got live updates in Facebook by so many amateur commenters. Poor Fakri, he’s been cursed and kutuk all the way. But hey, his goal was the one who lead Malaysia to final, and eventually preserve the gold medal that we won last 2 years right? (Ilman pls note this I credited the winning to Fakri as well). But our hero during the final game? Oh Abam bad-a** Badd! 

Conclusion? When we have vibrant, positive energy, everything will go very smoothly. 2 days back one of my very best friend message me, she was very demotivated, down, depressed. I understood the feeling very well, as I were there before. Whenever u felt that way, always rationalize things, in other word, reflect. Things that we like, or we think the best for us, might not be the one. Allah knows best. Turn to Allah, He’s never far away, put your trust in Him, raise your hands and pray (Maher Zain). This song is indeed very true. Besides, look for things that will make u happy and keep u back on track. Insya Allah…

Well in the meantime, keep on smiling, because SMILE IS A CURVE THAT HELPS MAKE EVERYTHING STRAIGHT. 
senyum cantik2 macam bunga matahari ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This song somehow reminds me of the Beatles. Really cool. I'm looking for other great songs by Foster the People before declaring them as one of my fav band. Any suggestions? In the meantime, lets foster the people, peeps!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


They might see me smiling, but I am so frustrated.
Maybe I'm not a good teacher.
Lets work harder.
But just for tonight, let me be upset.
Layan rasa kecewa sekejap.

Hancur hatiku mengenang dikau jadi keping-keping...
*the rest are not related to the story*
Hati kite dah jadi keping-keping, tak kesian ke wahai adik-adik?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


My dear friend share a good news on Facebook
The picture of her newborn baby girl
She looks so serene, so pure

The mother is non other than Nazihah Idris
My ex classmate in Kisas
5 Science 5 2003
We sit in the same group back then
5 persons per group
Besides me and Zihah we also have Humm, Nasfati Masngut and Anna in the group

Our group is in the front, middle of the class
And we were loud
With Nasfati always tried to be rebellious
And Hum always tried to advice her
And Zihah always been bullied by Nas
And me being the one who laugh
And Anna, who just shook her head seeing all the drama

We created a signature style to our group
Its PANG! (while lifting ur hand like u want to smack someone)
The story behind PANG?
Its a long and funny story
Let it remains our little secret, no?
I still laugh whenever I reminisced our memory
Yeah I am smiling while typing this

We love our Bahasa teacher, he is Cikgu Talib (aka Papa Munsyi)
Its funny how we competing with each other to read the puisi2 in KOMSAS
Because we like to imitate Cikgu Talib's style -bahasa baku with a little of ancient Malay accent
We were very naughty back then, indeed
But I never love BM as much as I do when Cikgu Talib taught us
And I never know why, but we always cari pasal with Ustazah Maslina, our Pendidikan Shariah Islamiah teacher
Dia garang jugak, tapi kita selalu nak tergelak bila dia marah
Yeah I know again, we were naughty
(but it a cute way, kan? hihihi)
Nak cerita pasal cerita zaman sekolah, memang banyak, takkan habis
Lets stop for now, kalau teringat lagi, kita cerita lagi

Looking at her baby, it hit me how time flies so fast
The rebellious Nas is very close to become a doctor now
The cute lil Hum is pursuing her masters in psychology
The quite Anna is an aerospace engineer, dont play2 haaa
The naughty Ija is now a dietitian ;)
The very gelabah Zihah has become a great teacher now (hope u dont find student like us ;))
And the greatest achievement ever, has become a mother

Congratulation Zihah
You gonna be a great mother, I always know that
Keep on inspiring people
Semoga anakanda awak menjadi anak solehah
May Allah bless
During Nazihah's wedding last year -beside her is Humm -pic credit to Syahidah Azizi

Thursday, November 10, 2011


My lovely, super manja, super shy (not with people he used to), and super-duper cute nephew turned 1 on 7/11/11, while my lovely, super bubbly, super active, and also super-duper cute niece turn 1 today, 10/11/11.
Syauqi si kacak
Eyin  si manis
Syauqi si manja
Eyin si bubbly
see the gigi kapak 2 batang itu? dont play2 huh. -pix credit to BIL
soooooooo adorable -pix credit to BIL

We celebrated their birthday, together with my youngest brother's (whom birthday is on 8/11) on the Eid. Its not a grand celebration anyway. Ajak jiran2 dan orang surau datang makan, baca doa selamat. Quoted from BIL, that is peringkat HQ punya sambutan. As my sister and BIL did for Syauqi when they were back in KL, we (my brother and SIL) also did sambutan peringkat kawasan here in Kuantan for Eyin. And when I say peringkat kawasan, its just us. ;)
Abam long kawasan jalan klang lama -pix credit to BIL
Kakyong kawasan batu 11 gambang
Happy happy birthday Ahmad Syauqi and Wan Qaireen Rafiqa. We love u so much. Semoga menjadi anak soleh dan solehah.

P/s: Ramai orang bday bulan 11 -1/11 kak sarah, 7/11 Syauqi, 8/11 Adik, 9/11 Miya and my auntie Anjang, 10/11 Eyin, 22/11 my babe Hazi. Happy bday awak2 semua. ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey u, yes u! 
I am not a sweet talker like Mr Mars here
How i wish i could do all the stuffs he mentioned in the song
But the least I can do on this lovely day is to pray for ur success, 
here and hereafter
Happy happy birthday kakak, semoga bahagia dunia akhirat. 

And yeah, check it out who I got to sing u the birthday song, haha. 

Yup, its adik Bieber ya'll! How cool is that huh?=p

adik ;)

Monday, October 31, 2011


-image google-
Yeah I am addicted to this now, chocolate flavor. Twiggies Choc-A-Lot, 2 jejari span berinti krim coklat. 
Bought it almost everyday.
Memang gila.
I just could not resist the creamy chocolate taste melt in my mouth. Its the best feeling eva!

Right lets talk nutrition now.
1 packet contains 2 jejari span berinti coklat. 1 serving equals to 1 jejari span.
Each serving, weighed 40 g, contains 146 kcal energy, 5.6 g fat, 21.4 g carbohydrate (most of it comes from sugar), and 2.2 g protein. 
I can finish 2 servings (2 jejari coklat) in one go, which is equal to 292 kcal (not forgetting 11.2 g fat and 42.8 g CHO). Duhhh!!! No wonder I am fat now.

And how do I know most of the CHO comes from sugar? Besides the obvious (the sweet taste of course), the first ingrediens enlisted in the ingredient list is non other than SUGAR. That is a tip for u who didnt know -the first thing in the ingredient list is always the most abundant ingredient in the food. Note that.

One thing about being a dietitian is u will always be conscious on how much u take. Of course u cudnt resist the temptation. What left is the guilt u felt after u eat, and disappointment whenever u see the number on the scale. Hell yeah I am trying so hard to control the lust to buy Twiggies everyday. As a start, lets only buy it whenever I fill in the gas for my car. That is twice a week. Should be fine, no?

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


One of my favorite Friends scene. Its a moo! Come to think of it, it do make sense. High up Jo!

P/S: Friends is one of my favorite sitcom, and it remains of the best sitcom ever. How I Met Your Mother is the 21st century of Friends, and it is also hilarious, but Friends is a lot funnier. I realized that there are quite a number of scene in HIMYM that was 'cilok' from Friends.

My very own FRIENDS. When we are together, we could be a lot funnier than Friends. From left Wawa (now in Sarawak), Fizah (OZ),  Ida (Kuala Tganu), Sal (Kuala Tganu/Marang), Farah (Sitiawan), Muni (Kuala Tganu), Saadah (Kedah), kite (Kuantan), Yayah (KB), Ainor (KB), Sab (OZ), Kakaksarah (NZ) and fizah kwn sab i tatau dia kat mane ;)
Utara, selatan, timur, barat, seberang laut, merentas benua, mana saja, semoga sentiasa dalam rahmat Allah, Friends...

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


A friend of mine encounter this shop in Paris (if I'm not mistaken), and share it with me. I wonder whats inside.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Orang sekarang cakap pasal bajet 2012, hudud dan mcm2. Aku nak menyimpang sikit.  Sebenarnya dah lama aku nak tulis pasal isu ni, tapi asyik tangguh. Pagi tadi aku pergi jogging di pantai Taman Gelora dengan Miya, kawan aku, satu course, sekelas selama 4 tahun dan sekarang dah jadi colleague, sekali dgn suami dia, Iqbal, kawan aku jugak, tapi course lain. Aku nak masuk simpang ke Taman Gelora tu, ada polis buat roadblock. Dia tanya aku nak pergi mana, aku cakap nak pergi jogging. Dia cakap tak boleh masuk, ada demonstration anti Lynas. Aku cakap la aku nak jogging, bukan nak join demo (kalau aku nak join demo pon apa salahnya, it is serious s**t a peaceful demo, kata demokrasi bang), tapi dia tak bagi jugak. Mungkin muka aku muka pemberontak kot hihi. Iqbal suggest aku masuk ikut jalan pantai selamat, so dapatlah aku masuk. Tapi aku bukan nak cerita pasal Lynas, sorry.
extra reading lynas boleh tgk kat sini
Plan asal kitorang nak join aerobic, tapi aku sampai je aerobic habis. *blame polis yg melambatkan aku sampai!*. Tengah2 mencari Miya aku nampak crowd yg agak ramai, aku ingat another aerobic group. Tengok2 budak2 PLKN, aku tak tau diorg exercise ke berjoget ke, tapi ada kakak yg nyanyi lagu dangdut mcm tengah gelek, dan budak2 plkn tu ikut ramai2. Mungkin dia panggil itu exercise aku pon tak pasti. Tapi aku bukan nak cakap pasal PLKN, sorry again. 

Ok intro aku agak panjang tapi sebenarnya hedonism is the topic. Aku perasan yg makin lama budaya hedonism ni makin menjadi2 kat Malaysia ni. Kerajaan nak buat apa2 kempen, mesti ajak artis. Produk apa2, kebanyakannya artis yg jadi ambassador. Program apa2, mesti ada artis. Kalau kau tengok kat tv tu, tak kisah la bulan biasa ke bulan raya ke bulan puasa ke mesti ada artis. Rancangan masak panggil artis, talkshow panggil artis, program ngaji bulan puasa artis, azan kat tv pon artis. 

Secara jujurnya, aku ni bukan la kategori baik atau alim. Biasa2 saje. Nasib baik mak abah aku orang baik2 (tapi tu la iman tak dapat diwarisi kan uh), aku sekolah agama dulu, dan masuk U pon U yang ada ciri2 islamic (kalau tak aku rasa aku mungkin jadi lagi tak baik dari sekarang, nauzubillah). Tapi di Malaysia ni, bila semua benda nak dikaitkan dgn hiburan, aku rasa ada benda yg tak kena. Aku rasa artis di Malaysia ni terlalu diagung-agungkan. Its sick y’all! Kerajaan nak buat kempen satu Malaysia panggil artis berbagai bangsa nyanyi ramai2, nak tunjuk multi racial di Malaysia ni bersatu. Kempen apa2 sambutan apa2 mesti nak ada konsert. Masa raya hari tu kau tengok berapa banyak konsert raya. Nak ajak2 budak2 pergi PLKN diorang suruh Diana Danielle dan Alif please please please kamu jangan nakal join PLKN untuk ‘memupuk kesedaran’. Majlis berbuka puasa mesti ada penyanyi sekali, katanya ‘menghiburkan’ anak yatim di bulan puasa. 

Kenapa semua benda nak kena ada artis, kena ada hiburan? Bagi aku sebab bila ada artis, ada crowd! And it is seriously is not a good sign! This is really bad. Sebab rakyat Malaysia sekarang dah condong berpaksikan hiburan. Kalau ada lawak2, nyanyi2, gembira2, baru nak pergi. Kalau tak, tak mau join. Can u see how sickening this hedonism disease in Malaysia? Betapa rakyat Malaysia sangat suka berhibur!

Sekali lagi aku mengaku, aku bukan kategori alim2. I listen to music. Indeed, I love music! And I’m not talking about just nasyid here (aku suka Hijjaz, hey aku tak siqah tapi suka jugak nasyid okay), I mean  music like Coldplay, Lifehouse, Pink, Greenday, Colbie Caillat (to name a few of my favorites). And I watch movies. Aku jugak suka teater (tapi hanya berpeluang tgk sekali). Tapi pada aku, setiap benda yg kita suka atau suka buat, always put limit to it. Baru la kita takkan terus hanyut, because u have boundaries.

Sebab apa aku anti sangat budaya hedonism ni? Sebabnya ia melalaikan. Kau rasa orang yang pergi konsert tu sembahyang tak? Okay mungkin aku agak harsh, generalize things. Tapi bila dah ramai2, konsert start pukul 8, gather nak tgk konsert dari pukul 6 ke 7 nak dpt spot yg bagus. Konsert habis pkl 12 mlm, bila masa pergi sembahyang Maghrib? Sekali lagi mari husnuzzhon, mungkin diorang ada la curi masa pergi solat, shut up la Ija ko tak pernah pergi konsert ko ape tau.

Satu lagi sebab aku anti hedonism ni ialah ia membuat kita rasa ‘nak benda yang senang’ saje., Nak gelak2, nak fikir yang simple2, tak payah fikir serius2. Again I admit, kadang2 (or lebih dari kadang2) aku pon mcm tu jugak. Aku pergi tengok Smurf dan Johnny English of course la aku nak have fun. Jangan tipu la kata kau tengok Bini-biniku gangster sebab nak amik pengajaran supaya tidak tertipu dgn perempuan cantik tapi sebenarnya adalah gangster (sorry aku tak tau bini2ku gangster ni citer pasal ape aku hentam je tu), sama la kau tgk hantu bonceng sebab kononnya pengajaran jangan merempit (again aku x tgk jugak cerita ni tapi aku baca review Mantot pasal cerita ni). Memang most of the time kita tgk movie untuk berhibur. Apa yang aku nak highlight (untuk cerita2 crap macam ni) adalah don’t create excuse, kata cerita ni bagi pengajaran begitu begini, etc2 because that is all BULLS**T! Kau buat cerita hantu nak bagi pengajaran kat hantu buat apa?? (sorry aku memang emo bila cakap pasal cerita hantu bcos for me there is NOTHING good come from it!). Kau nak bagi pengajaran buat cerita macam Laskar Pelangi, Children of Heaven.  These movies, aku tak pernah jemu tgk. They make u think, like critical thinking! Satu benda yg aku rasa Malaysian makin lama makin malas nak buat –BERFIKIR.

Masa aku que nak beli tiket cerita Smurf, aku nampak la a group of girls, dlm 7-8 orang, umur around 10-12 yo. Aku agak mst diorg nak tgk Smurf jugak, or Cars 2 atau cerita yg seangkatan dgnnya. I was shocked when they asked for tickets, its BINI2KU GANGSTER! Wth! Adik2 besar tu nak tgk cerita mcm tu, aku serius cakap tak ada nafsu lgsg nak tgk that kind of crap! Aku bukan anti cerita Melayu, mcm aku ckp, aku suka movies. Tapi, berpada2 lah bila kau nak pilih. 10 yo watching bini2ku gangster? Maaf aku memang tak boleh terima! 

Satu lagi, rancangan mcm Tomtombak, Idola kecil and what not. Mengajar budak2 berhibur. Kejadahnya buat rancangan ajar budak2 menyanyi menari macam tu? Benda2 tak elok ni tak payah ajar, besar esok dia pandai buat sendiri. Aku cakap macam tu sebab terlalu banyak, read my lips: TERLALU BANYAK anasir2 yg mempengaruhi kita untuk buat benda tak elok. So ibu bapa jangan tambah jadi salah satu daripada anasir2 itu. 

Baru2 ni aku tgk rancangan Adik2, kakak ipar aku share kat facebook. Aku serius tak tau psl cite ni. Part of it is my mistake la sebab aku mmg tak tgk tv1. Wow the kids are great. Aku rasa aku pon tak mampu pidato macam tu. Macam tu jugak dgn tv hijrah (channel 114 astro). Aku bet berapa ramai je yg tgk channel ni. Cuba satu hari kamu2 yg x pernah tgk tv ni, tengok.  Ada byk rncgn bagus. *p/s adik aku suka show ustaz don*. Tapi rncgn bagus mcm ni macam tak dipromosikan. Tak masuk paper, iklan kat tv pon kurang. Sebab? Rancangan yg ajak orang berfikir mcm ni tak popular di kalangan masyarakat Malaysia ni. 

Cuba tgk dlm paper atau tv, berapa ramai que nak masuk pertandingan untuk jadi artis. Tak kisah la nak jadi penyanyi ke pelakon ke pelawak ke. Ramai gila rakyat Malaysia yg nak jadi artis. Sebabnya? Kau tgk artis di mana2. Jadi ikutan (though aku tak paham ape benda yg diikutnya).  Artis nampak cantik, kacak, kaya, bubbly.  Artis terlalu dipromosikan dan ditonjolkan tidak kira la oleh kerajaan atau production atau channel tv atau produk kecantikan/kesihatan etc. Orang nampak senang jadi artis ni, tak cantik pon boleh jadi cantik. Itu yang sampai ada talent ke tak ada, dah tak peduli, nak jugak cuba nasib jadi artis.

Tapi tak semua artis tak bagus. Ada yg really inspiring mcm Wardina. Aku follow dia kat facebook, dia sangat bagus. Jangan nak dengar atau tengok hiburan yg sekaadar hiburan semata2.  Sekali sekala listen to nasyid, cat stevens music, etc. Tgk jugak program tv mcm tanyalah ustaz, lau kana bainana, usrah, national geography, etc. Tonton jugak really good movies and drama mcm laskar pelangi, tanah kubur, etc . Mcm aku cakap tadi aku tak sealim mana. Tapi tu la, I am old school (or should I say orthodox) in certain things. Hidup kita ni kena ada check and balance. Tak boleh nak senang je, tak boleh nak gelak2, nak cantik2 je. Baru la kita boleh elak dari hanyut dgn budaya hedonism ni.

Sorry this is a very lengthy post, tak tau ada orang baca ke tak heh. Dah lama aku pendam benda ni, tapi tgk budak2 plkn menari goyang gerudi tadi memang buat aku hangin. Kita ada ramai great scholars, great thinkers, that really could wow and inspire us. Aku ada banyak lagi pendapat nak share, nanti cerita dalam entry lain. Aku bukan baik sangat, so sama2 la kita improve diri. Nak tunggu aku jadi ustazah pilihan entah bila la kan.  Quote dari Wardina ~Ada orang tanya kawan saya, "Wardina ni baru je pakai tudung, kenapa nak cakap pasal Islam, ada tauliah ke, bukannya Ustazah".  Saya pun terkedu, errr, apa itu Islam? Islam itu "segala aspek kehidupan", way of life dan bukan milik mutlak Ustazah. Harap maklum. Everyone SHOULD and can speak up about Islam. Wallau'alam. We are all Daie's in our own way. We are Khalifah' that should encourage good.~

So sama2 kita saling berpesan2 dgn kesabaran, dan berpesan2 dgn kebenaran. Haiyya bina! Wassalam.