Tuesday, March 20, 2012


So I bought a new love. The Best Little Book Club in Town is the collection of short tales –of love, passion, mystery, and life –written by various authors. Bought it at Popular Wangsa Walk few days back. I finished the first story, and it hooked me up.

Cute isn't it?
 The first story called Rising written by Naomi Alderman. Here’s my favorite quote:

~It was the dough in particular that she found herself longing for as if it were a lover. Perhaps it was the rhythm, knead-stretch, knead-stretch, that emptied her mind of all thoughts, that meant that when a thought of Pete arose she could pummel it into the dough until it dissipated. Perhaps it was the simplicity of it. 

She had a mixing machine, but she found that she preferred to knead herself.  Plunging her arms into the dough, she thought of the generations, the centuries of people who had made bread like this. Leaving it to rise and prove, she felt a certain nurturing, a sense that everything had its time and order, that nothing needed to be rushed.

Bread is powerful.~

Lovely isn’t it?

P/s I have to put Angry Fat Girls on hold at the moment. The Best Little Book Club in Town is so captivating.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012


'Nah minyak gamat, buat ubat luka..'
'Boleh ubat luka di hati kah?'
'Errr..sepertinya tidak'
'Oh, jangan bimbang. Hati saya tak terluka sekarang ;)'

'Syahiza, awak nak pesan apa-apa dari Langkawi?'
'Saya nak coklat t**k'
'Huh?? Kisses? Haippp!'
<Mungkin kite kena tukar, panggil die coklat stupa candi borobudur. Baru sopan.>

P/S Gamat dan Coklat, dua-dua pengubat luka, figuratively dan literally, luka berdarah dan luka di hati. Harapnya tak ada lah yang hatinya terluka ya :)

P/S Thanks Miya chan... Love!

Friday, March 9, 2012


One of the things that I don’t like about Kuantan is it doesn’t has book store. Ok it has one, Popular bookstore in Berjaya Megamall, but that’s the only one. A boring one.  A ‘lack of choices’ one. A ‘no variety’ one. Pathetic right? 

I love reading, but lately I don’t really read books. Part of it is because there aren’t many choices in Kuantan. And of course, I became lazier by day. Besides, there are blogs and websites that hooked me up, so I still read, but not books. The last book that I bought is Kisah Para Nabi dan Rasul from MPH The Curve (while I was working in Selayang Hospital). Two stories book store is heaven! Sometimes I don’t even have any intention to buy book, but every time I passed by a book store, I must have the feeling to drop by. Browsing through the books, synopsis, admiring the creative and beautiful book covers (yes I love to judge a book from its cover-not literally), its endless! Tapi buku yang kite nak selalu mahal, so I end up not buying them. I should be less stingy when it comes to buying books right? Hehe. 

The last book that I read is The Firm by John Grisham (it is actually a re-read). Omg I love Grisham’s work. I started reading his novel during matriculation time. They were a lot of his books in the library. Dulu kite selalu pergi library dgn Hum and Ecah (Radio) and Kak Timah, tapi diorang study kite tidur. Lol. I have read The Pelican Brief (in two days –it is so good I can never put it down), The Testament, A time to kill, the firm, the last jury and one or two more that I have forgotten the title. 

Eh apa yang kite nak cerita sebenarnya? Hehe. MPH is having MPH Kuantan book carnival from 9 to 18 March at Zenith Hotel. Weehooo! I went there today (on the very first day, tanak kalah nokss), and spent my whole Friday lunch break there. I even skipped lunch today aha. But it is quite disappointing. The huge discount book (70%) are not organized. They are haywire and mixed. So I have to go through shelf by shelf to detect any good book. Penat tahu tak. Headache. I managed myself to find one anyway. Tadaa..
Stories of 5 women battling with weight issues -true story
Ok i lied when  I said I skipped lunch. A slice of Pandan Layer Cake from Rotiboy, Java Chips Mocha Frap, and a great book. I could live with that. :)
I flipped a few pages, scheme and scan, and grab it. It’s the last copy. 70% so I got it for only rm29. Yea great bargain. There are few more that I wanted so badly but damn I’m on saving mode (for the Jakarta trip –I hope it’s on, and Cameron Highland visit). Buku lain yang kite nak tu tak ada discount pulak tu. Haissshh kecewa betul.

But anyway, I am still happy with the Angry Fat Girls. Cant wait to start read it. Masa kite baru sampai bookfair tu tadi, Ustaz Zahazan ada, promoting his books and giving tazkirah *on other note, saya sangat suka Ustaz Zahazan*. He said that ‘sebaik-baik teman pada zaman ini adalah buku’. I bet kat library sekolah semua orang ada mural tulis ‘Membaca Jambatan Ilmu’, right? Lets make reading a habit peeps! Lets build a lot of knowledge bridges, jangan nak bina masjid je. Hihihi. 

p/s I begged u MPH, pls open an outlet here. Pleaseeee….

Thursday, March 1, 2012


I was born on 22 February 1987, 25 years ago. So I hit 25 last week. I have no issue of being 25. 25 is a great number right? My only concern is in my 25 years of life (that’s quarter a century peeps!) is what have I done? What kind of servant have I been to Allah the Almighty. What kind of daughter have I been to my parent? What kind of sister have I been to my siblings, and what kind of friend have I been to my buddies. I just hope and pray that I will change for better everyday. Semoga hari yang mendatang adalah lebih dari hari semalam. Amin. 

But me being 25 is a major concern for a lot of people. Just quoting some of the birthday wishes:

Selamat ulangtahun kelahiran Ija. Cepat2 jemput makan nasik minyak. –yang ni I cakap balik nak makan nasik minyak bila2 pon boleh. Nasi minyak cenderawasih anyone? 

Happy bday Ija. Bile aku nak dapat kad ni? –my answer is kad takde. Pamphlet diet nak?

Haha yang ni best: Ija ko sedar tak ko dah 25? Ko kena start pikir dah pasal masa depan –Haha yang ni Fana yang cakap. Kite cakap balik weh fana ko lagi lah dah 26 tahun ni hihi. Sori eh fana gurau2 saje. 

Wish dari kakak I boleh blah jugak la: Happy bday. Baik ko carik bf cepat nanti abah carikan plak. -I reply 1 perkataan je: noted! Lol. 

Don’t get me wrong, I know those wishes by my dearests doesn’t mean any harm. In fact they are praying for me right? And lately I have quite a number of people offering me to look for someone for me. Alah senang cakap nak carikan kite jodoh la tu. Seriously all these happened when I hit 25. Masa I 22 dulu tak ada orang la pulak nak carikan I suami kan. ;)

But really, if you ask me, when are you getting married. I seriously don’t have the answer. As cliché as it sounds, hanya Allah yang tahu. I tak tahu, Allah saje yang tahu. However just because you don’t know when will your jodoh come, doesn’t mean that you cant pray for it right. So yes, saya hanya berdoa, moga dikurniakan (dan dicepatkan) jodoh yang baik untuk saya. But will it be enough?

No. Of course it’s not enough. We always, always ask for something good to happen to us. But do we strive for it? Do we work accordingly to achieve it? You asked for good result in exam, but do you study hard to deserve it? You pray God to grant you good health, but do u live healthily? Same goes –you pray for the best husband, but have u prepare yourself to be the best wife for your husband? Jangan nak mintak benda baik untuk jadi kat kita saja, kita pon kena jadi baik. What you give you get back aite?

So yes, I am preparing myself. Despite not knowing when my other half will come, I am preparing myself, so that when he comes, I am ready. Saya belajar masak sikit-sikit, belajar bersabar, belajar beradab, belajar tolak ansur, belajar untuk memberi, belajar menyayangi (really Ija??? I know my friends will be like ‘ni cupid angel mana dah panah love arrow kat Ija ni’ lol. Hey just because I am cheeky doesn’t mean I am not lovely haha). Menjahit je saya tak belajar lagi (saya harap siapa pun bakal suami saya, dia tak kisah saya tak pandai menjahit. Everyone has flaws right? =p).

And on top of all that, saya belajar macam mana nak menjadi isteri solehah. Yes fellas we have to learn that as well. Takkan la nanti dah kahwin baru nak belajar. Dari sekarang kita kena belajar, and this will be a continuous learning process. Tinggal lagi mintak semua yg sayang saya, yang tanya bila saya nak kahwin, those that are very concern haisshhh bila la Ija ni nak kahwin , untuk tolong doa sama untuk saya. Doa ramai2 lagi bagus kan?  Who knows one of your doa maqbul, bulan depan I kahwin. ;)

Lastly just quoting someone “Insya Allah, ada rezeki, ada jodoh, ada la..” Right? Yes it sounds cliché, but that is also the most honest answer that I can give to those who are asking. In the meantime, keep on praying peeps. =)

See..I macam Siti, sabar menunggu. :) p/s mula2 kite nak letak lagu ibu2 bapak kasihani aku tu, tapi rase mcm pathetic la pulak kalau letak lagu tu lol.