Friday, November 25, 2011


Yeah I have an emotional breakdown last week. That was so immature of me to share it outloud here *sheepish*. But hey, that’s life right? You can never be happy all the time. Well I kick off the week with a new spirit, new motivation, and I could not be any happier. My previous group could see the different side of me –last week I was so grumpy and hot-tempered, but this week, I am smiling all the way! Marah student pon marah-marah sayang saja.

The reason to be happy? Easy. SELF-REFLECTION. I reflect back everything that has happened, and looking at it from positive side. See the glass half full! ;). The mistakes that students made might be the reason for me to be a better teacher, and for them to be a better student. Easy right? ;)

Well of course there are other reasons for me to be happy. I am not that great to acquire all the positive energy by myself. Heh. 

1. Clinical Nutrition Workshop: Managing the BIG Problem at Institute of Health Management Bangsar 18-19 Nov 2011

I am a young, new dietitian who really looking forward for this kind of course. We got updates, discussion, and meeting with lots of great people. Yeay I love meeting and get to know inspiring people. It’s just the best feeling ever. The focus of the workshop is to update on management of obesity patient in surgical and critical care. Basically they were discussing ASPEN, ESPEN, Canadian Guidelines and stuffs that we were already familiar with. But when it was delivered by a group of expert, from specialist to senior dietitian to pharmacist, it was indeed very beneficial and different as compared to when you read the guidelines on your own. 
Clinical Nutrition Workshop -pic credit to Ilman Hadree
NST Simulation Session -my group, group 1- Enterocutaneous Fistula. I learn a lot from the discussion. -pic credit to Nutrition e Rounds
2. Gathering with My Babes…errr and Two Gentlemen

It was so nice to meet your friends in different atmosphere, now that we are dietitians. Mimi is now dietitian in Pantai Hosp Cheras, Nadirah in Hosp Hulu Terengganu, Mazu in HUKM, Ilman in Selayang Hosp, Farid (he is our senior, but he’s a friend too right?) in Hosp Ipoh, and of course me and Miya from IIU. We could see Mimi’s baby bump, Miya is now happily married to non-other than our friend Iqbal, Mazu is now enganged, also to an Iqbal (dietitian suka nama Iqbal kot ehem2), Nadi flew all the way from Terengganu to KL, and me being single and very much available (haha I have to highlight that no?). Trust me it’s very cool to see how different we are now but at the same time still the same.
Group photo -nadi, mimi, perut mimi, miya, ilman and me. not in pic mazu and farid -pic credit to Ilman
3. Jumpa Syauqi

Adoii this boy really melt my heart. Very adorable. Very manja. Very cute. Very talkative. Kuat makan haha.  A perfect nephew I would say. I stay at my sister’s house for 1 day after the workshop, so dapat spend quite some time with Qi. See as his name imply, he gave me a lot of vibrant and positive ‘qi’. Love u boy!
anak soleh dan bijak
4. Sharing is Caring
Well I am a person who look-all-over-seeking-for-advice-when-I-have-problem kind of person. I am a person who need to share my feelings whenever I felt down. Hence advices from my dear friends –Mimi, Mazu, Ilman, Nadi, Miya and also Iqbal really help a lot. Thanks friends. 
image google
5. Harimau Muda Get Us the Gold Medal for Sea Game

They were hot! Black and yellow black and yellow black and yellow! Haha. It was a very interesting game. Adrenaline rush all the way. We got live updates in Facebook by so many amateur commenters. Poor Fakri, he’s been cursed and kutuk all the way. But hey, his goal was the one who lead Malaysia to final, and eventually preserve the gold medal that we won last 2 years right? (Ilman pls note this I credited the winning to Fakri as well). But our hero during the final game? Oh Abam bad-a** Badd! 

Conclusion? When we have vibrant, positive energy, everything will go very smoothly. 2 days back one of my very best friend message me, she was very demotivated, down, depressed. I understood the feeling very well, as I were there before. Whenever u felt that way, always rationalize things, in other word, reflect. Things that we like, or we think the best for us, might not be the one. Allah knows best. Turn to Allah, He’s never far away, put your trust in Him, raise your hands and pray (Maher Zain). This song is indeed very true. Besides, look for things that will make u happy and keep u back on track. Insya Allah…

Well in the meantime, keep on smiling, because SMILE IS A CURVE THAT HELPS MAKE EVERYTHING STRAIGHT. 
senyum cantik2 macam bunga matahari ;)

Thursday, November 24, 2011


This song somehow reminds me of the Beatles. Really cool. I'm looking for other great songs by Foster the People before declaring them as one of my fav band. Any suggestions? In the meantime, lets foster the people, peeps!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011


They might see me smiling, but I am so frustrated.
Maybe I'm not a good teacher.
Lets work harder.
But just for tonight, let me be upset.
Layan rasa kecewa sekejap.

Hancur hatiku mengenang dikau jadi keping-keping...
*the rest are not related to the story*
Hati kite dah jadi keping-keping, tak kesian ke wahai adik-adik?

Saturday, November 12, 2011


My dear friend share a good news on Facebook
The picture of her newborn baby girl
She looks so serene, so pure

The mother is non other than Nazihah Idris
My ex classmate in Kisas
5 Science 5 2003
We sit in the same group back then
5 persons per group
Besides me and Zihah we also have Humm, Nasfati Masngut and Anna in the group

Our group is in the front, middle of the class
And we were loud
With Nasfati always tried to be rebellious
And Hum always tried to advice her
And Zihah always been bullied by Nas
And me being the one who laugh
And Anna, who just shook her head seeing all the drama

We created a signature style to our group
Its PANG! (while lifting ur hand like u want to smack someone)
The story behind PANG?
Its a long and funny story
Let it remains our little secret, no?
I still laugh whenever I reminisced our memory
Yeah I am smiling while typing this

We love our Bahasa teacher, he is Cikgu Talib (aka Papa Munsyi)
Its funny how we competing with each other to read the puisi2 in KOMSAS
Because we like to imitate Cikgu Talib's style -bahasa baku with a little of ancient Malay accent
We were very naughty back then, indeed
But I never love BM as much as I do when Cikgu Talib taught us
And I never know why, but we always cari pasal with Ustazah Maslina, our Pendidikan Shariah Islamiah teacher
Dia garang jugak, tapi kita selalu nak tergelak bila dia marah
Yeah I know again, we were naughty
(but it a cute way, kan? hihihi)
Nak cerita pasal cerita zaman sekolah, memang banyak, takkan habis
Lets stop for now, kalau teringat lagi, kita cerita lagi

Looking at her baby, it hit me how time flies so fast
The rebellious Nas is very close to become a doctor now
The cute lil Hum is pursuing her masters in psychology
The quite Anna is an aerospace engineer, dont play2 haaa
The naughty Ija is now a dietitian ;)
The very gelabah Zihah has become a great teacher now (hope u dont find student like us ;))
And the greatest achievement ever, has become a mother

Congratulation Zihah
You gonna be a great mother, I always know that
Keep on inspiring people
Semoga anakanda awak menjadi anak solehah
May Allah bless
During Nazihah's wedding last year -beside her is Humm -pic credit to Syahidah Azizi

Thursday, November 10, 2011


My lovely, super manja, super shy (not with people he used to), and super-duper cute nephew turned 1 on 7/11/11, while my lovely, super bubbly, super active, and also super-duper cute niece turn 1 today, 10/11/11.
Syauqi si kacak
Eyin  si manis
Syauqi si manja
Eyin si bubbly
see the gigi kapak 2 batang itu? dont play2 huh. -pix credit to BIL
soooooooo adorable -pix credit to BIL

We celebrated their birthday, together with my youngest brother's (whom birthday is on 8/11) on the Eid. Its not a grand celebration anyway. Ajak jiran2 dan orang surau datang makan, baca doa selamat. Quoted from BIL, that is peringkat HQ punya sambutan. As my sister and BIL did for Syauqi when they were back in KL, we (my brother and SIL) also did sambutan peringkat kawasan here in Kuantan for Eyin. And when I say peringkat kawasan, its just us. ;)
Abam long kawasan jalan klang lama -pix credit to BIL
Kakyong kawasan batu 11 gambang
Happy happy birthday Ahmad Syauqi and Wan Qaireen Rafiqa. We love u so much. Semoga menjadi anak soleh dan solehah.

P/s: Ramai orang bday bulan 11 -1/11 kak sarah, 7/11 Syauqi, 8/11 Adik, 9/11 Miya and my auntie Anjang, 10/11 Eyin, 22/11 my babe Hazi. Happy bday awak2 semua. ;)

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Hey u, yes u! 
I am not a sweet talker like Mr Mars here
How i wish i could do all the stuffs he mentioned in the song
But the least I can do on this lovely day is to pray for ur success, 
here and hereafter
Happy happy birthday kakak, semoga bahagia dunia akhirat. 

And yeah, check it out who I got to sing u the birthday song, haha. 

Yup, its adik Bieber ya'll! How cool is that huh?=p

adik ;)