Friday, August 23, 2013


At 16 weeks of pregnancy, I fold my jeans, saying farewell to them, hoping that they can still fit me next year. And now, at 24 weeks, I am going to say goodbye to my kurungs. Couple of days ago my husband told me that I looked berisi (read: fat) already. Pffttt!!! Most of my regular shirts and pants didn’t fit me anymore, so hellooo to maternity clothes. 

When it comes to cloth, I am a very simple woman, most of my shirts and tops are plain one. But when looking at the maternity cloth department, most of them are flowery or polkadot or some ugly patterns with ribbon and unnecessary pockets and renda2. Whaddeheck! Tak macho la I lepas ni. Bummer!

Oh on other notes, we went to antenatal clinic to scan the baby last weekend. Mummy of course is super excited to see the baby growing well inside my tummy. I am praying that u will be a good child to us, a soleh/solehah servant to Allah, sihat dan bijak dan comel. Oh by the way my tummy is round as a soccer ball at the moment. So not sexy bhaha.

As for myself, I am doing sooo well in the food and cravings department at the moment. Appetite is super good, there is always a little cravings for foods, thank God my cravings are those foods that are cheapos and easy to find (read: pisang goring, laksa, fruits, etc). Well there are also hiccups like leg cramps has started and I easily become fatigue and exhausted and what not. But that was the part and parcel of being pregnant and something to be remembered about later on. So I am cool with it (well maybe at the moment. Heh).
Oh and it is still Syawal so selamat hari raya. It was my first time celebrating eid as a wife. Insya Allah next year there will be an additional little one to celebrate raya with. I think time flies so fast that it seems like yesterday that we were engaged on the third syawal, tahun ni dah beraya as hubby-wifey. We are progressing quite well, no? Hehe. Engaged-married-having a child all happened in one year interval. ‘Ala kulli hal Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Allah nak bagi. 
3rd Syawal last year
1st Syawal this year
 See, not only our relationship status is progressing, our weight is also doing the same thing. Sudah gemuk la ini tahun hihihihi.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013


My tummy is very busy today. It keeps grumbling..signalling something I already know about. Chillax tummy, u are supposed to be empty on this holy month. Oh besides the nice grumbling sound, the little one is also busy poking mommy. When I told Ilman about his little junior new hobby, he simply said ‘baby tengah hobin jang hobin tu..’. Yo hold on sir, this baby might be a tok gajah supporter..just to let u know, heh. 

Yes it’s the holy month Ramadhan, and yes, I am 4 and a half month pregnant. Life is a bliss. Alhamdulillah thank you Allah for the opportunity. To be able to meet with Ramadhan again this year, and experiencing fasting in a whole lot different view, being a wife and carrying a baby.
Alhamdulillah Allah made it easy for me up to this point of my pregnancy. Of course there were LOA and nausea and morning sickness and vomiting episodes, but they aren’t that bad, as compared to few of my friends. I mean, I am still standing right? At the end of first trim approaching second trim, I vomited yellowish ugly thingy every morning, when I brush my teeth. Changing toothpaste? Checked! But none work. Alhamdulillah now its gone *applause!*. And no weird and freaky cravings (yet! Hopefully till the end, baby pls works with mommy ok?). 

One minor problem is that I aint gaining weight. Weight static. Early satiety is the root cause. Makan sikit cepat kenyang. Of course I wanted to eat more, but I cudnt. Forced eat leads to vomiting. Small and frequent meal? Done but its not working! And when my weight just started to pick up, fasting month come. Now I am losing wt *cry*. Well not that I blamed fasting, I mean I only lose 1 kg, but the nurses at the antenatal clinic is making a big deal out of it. Now checkup is every 2 weeks due to the problem. What a hassle. Aih.. 

But despite all that, I am praying for Allah’s protection to me and baby. Semoga kami dikurniakan zuriat yang soleh dan solehah, qurratu ‘ain kepada kami, sihat, bijak, comel, insya Allah. Please pray for us ya.

p/s when we first learnt that I am pregnant, I asked Ilman what did he wants our child to call him. He said he hasn’t decided yet. I said its not fair, I need to have a ‘name’ to called him when I chat with the baby inside. So he said just refer him as father. I was like huh??? *rolling eyes*.

well this is obviously not our child, he is Ammar my little nephew. but this will do for the moment. *practice*. hihi.

Friday, March 22, 2013


So I am married..Its been one month today. Alhamdulillah. And again and again Alhamdulillah syukur ilallah because the event run smoothly. Of course there were hiccups here and there, but all in all, it was (and still is) a very wonderful moment to me. Now we are waiting for the majlis bertandang at his side this coming Sunday. Lepas habis majlis tu nanti dah tak jadi pengantin baru dah.
The nikah was done by my very own father. He wanted to be the one who did it. To ‘give’ his daughter to another man must be hard, but he was also the happiest man at that time (besides my husband, of course. Heh).  As for Ilman, he said that he was berdebar like crazy during the moment (but he acted cool, typical him!haha). After the akad was done and I kiss his hand for the first time, it hit me that he is now my husband and I am his wife. Wow! Like seriously wow! (and his hand was so cold! Sejuk gila. Berdebar sangat eh abg?). hihi.
The moment
Beautiful nikah dress, no? Haha.
After the akad
Husband and wife
Our parents
My older sister and family. They help a lot. Tq kakak.
My eldest brother and family. The backbone of the kenduri. Tq long and kak ecah.
Our best man Mr Duang. He is single and available. Interested can pm or drop comment. Hihi.
My husband's family. Now also my family lorr.. :)
Kawan susah senang. TQ girls for coming.
My lil sis aka my maid of honor. Pon banyak tolong I. TQ makmah!
Life after married? Alhamdulillah I am happy. Rindu family? Ada..especially si raksasa kecil eyin. But I am having a family of my own now (dont speculate yet.. just me and Ilman at the moment), which I treasure so much and plan to keep for the rest of my life, till jannah, insya Allah. Gaduh? Ada…haha. But that is part and parcel of life right? That is for us to know and understand each other better.
Favorite boy and girl.
And the past couple of week we were busy out and about trying to fill-in the house..trying to build a place called home. To turn it into baiti-jannati. And bedroom and kitchen are the two area that we occupied first. Hehe. I cant wait to play around in the kitchen with all the new utensils and tools, some we bought ourselves and the rest are gifts from family and friends. Thank you all.

Well, to all family and friends who came and has help us so much with the wedding, thank you so so much. May Allah bless all of u. Thank you for the very kind assistance, du'a and warm wishes. Please pray for our happiness dunya wal akhirah, and a blissful marriage. Amin. :)
Picture for illustration purpose only. Dont worry I am not a queen control. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


My heart is thumping like crazy right now. I just have to note this feeling down. This has happened before, but very rare. So yes, I need to note it down. Heh.

 The wedding is one month to go. Today I was called for induction course that is scheduled less than 2 weeks before the wedding. The wedding prep still hasn’t finished. I need to pick up the curtain for our house this evening. And yes, the list goes on and on. 

That is perhaps the vivid reason why my heart is thumping.

Or is because of the nescafe ice this afternoon. Heh. Yeah, maybe that. Poyo je aku.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Yesterday on my way back home from work, I was following this car with 'anti lynas' sticker on its back. Oh yes those stickers are very common in Kuantan. I have no issue with it, everyone has the right to speak their mind, right? Anyway, we stop at traffic light, and there there. The person inside the car rolled down his/her window (ima not sure it’s a he or she), and throw a food’s plastic wrap outside, on the road. 

So much of an environmental activist u are! *Sigh*

I love a quote from Michael Schofield, who quoted from Sara Tancredi, who quoted from Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi better known as Mahatma Gandhi; be the change you wanna see in the world. Talk big on saving the mother earth from lynas, why don’t u start with yourself by keeping the road clean (especially from those non-biodegradable plastic wrap!). 

Huh. Entry emo di awal tahun. heh. 
“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” –Leo Tolstoy. 

Happy new year peeps. Let’s start the year by doing something good. And that’s include getting married. Eh? =p