Friday, August 23, 2013


At 16 weeks of pregnancy, I fold my jeans, saying farewell to them, hoping that they can still fit me next year. And now, at 24 weeks, I am going to say goodbye to my kurungs. Couple of days ago my husband told me that I looked berisi (read: fat) already. Pffttt!!! Most of my regular shirts and pants didn’t fit me anymore, so hellooo to maternity clothes. 

When it comes to cloth, I am a very simple woman, most of my shirts and tops are plain one. But when looking at the maternity cloth department, most of them are flowery or polkadot or some ugly patterns with ribbon and unnecessary pockets and renda2. Whaddeheck! Tak macho la I lepas ni. Bummer!

Oh on other notes, we went to antenatal clinic to scan the baby last weekend. Mummy of course is super excited to see the baby growing well inside my tummy. I am praying that u will be a good child to us, a soleh/solehah servant to Allah, sihat dan bijak dan comel. Oh by the way my tummy is round as a soccer ball at the moment. So not sexy bhaha.

As for myself, I am doing sooo well in the food and cravings department at the moment. Appetite is super good, there is always a little cravings for foods, thank God my cravings are those foods that are cheapos and easy to find (read: pisang goring, laksa, fruits, etc). Well there are also hiccups like leg cramps has started and I easily become fatigue and exhausted and what not. But that was the part and parcel of being pregnant and something to be remembered about later on. So I am cool with it (well maybe at the moment. Heh).
Oh and it is still Syawal so selamat hari raya. It was my first time celebrating eid as a wife. Insya Allah next year there will be an additional little one to celebrate raya with. I think time flies so fast that it seems like yesterday that we were engaged on the third syawal, tahun ni dah beraya as hubby-wifey. We are progressing quite well, no? Hehe. Engaged-married-having a child all happened in one year interval. ‘Ala kulli hal Alhamdulillah. Rezeki Allah nak bagi. 
3rd Syawal last year
1st Syawal this year
 See, not only our relationship status is progressing, our weight is also doing the same thing. Sudah gemuk la ini tahun hihihihi.


  1. it's beautiful to share your precious moments with your readers, thank you and may you have a healthy and blessed child inshaa Allah.