Monday, November 26, 2012


There are so many reasons to be grateful to Allah. For one, I am still breathing and alive today. Alhamdulillah. And having chance to seek knowledge, and attend the pre-marriage course, and having decent meal, and living in a war-free country (lets pray for our brothers and sisters in Palestine), and watching the rain pouring, and enjoying the smell of the wet grass, and listening to the lovely sound when u step on the dried leaf, and been bless with great family and fiancée and friends, and many more. Oh my the list goes on and on, just like infinity. There is no reason not to love Allah and be grateful to Him, right?
Roti cepit dengan telur + tomato + cili sos + light mayonnaise is one of the things to be grateful to have when u are hungry and too lazy to cook something more complex :)
Just completed my pre-marriage course happening in the Masjid Negeri. It was a 2 days course, from 8 am till 5 pm. It is indeed a very beneficial one, despite me being sleepy and tired and stuff. They talk about things that we already know, the basic principle of Islam, i.e Aqidah, Ibadah, Akhlaq, Munakahat, Family Management, and General Health. And I’ve learnt about all these like century ago. But that being said, it is always good to refresh all these. Fi al-‘iadah an-nafi’ah. Di setiap pengulangan itu ada manfaatnya. 
One of the reason to be grateful
And what I like the most is when one of the speakers reminds us that nikah is also ibadah. Been busy thinking and planning for the wedding, what color to choose, which bridal package to take, when to get the invitation card ready (this list also goes on and on..aiyak!), I tend to forget that nikah is an ibadah. So its good to always re-check our niyyah and set them straight, lillahita’ala. Insya Allah. 

I am grateful to HIM for giving me him
Another reason to be grateful? While typing all the stuffs above, my mom called. She reminds me to eat the pulut serawa durian that she made, that Long brought here for me. A little something like that really brought tears to my eyes. Mother’s love is endless. 

Grateful for good foods
The persons who is responsible for the above foods -durian dari kebun abah, masakan dari air tangan mak. What else can I ask for except Allah's blessing on them?
Again, good foods! Grateful for this jar of cookies hand made by nice and polite student who happened to know how monstrous I become when it comes to cookies *wave to u Husna*

Alhamdulillah wa syukurillah..