Friday, April 4, 2014


So I promised myself to note irfan’s development somewhere. Because he grows up so fast and I want to remember each one of it. 

Yesterday he turned 4 months. Cepat kan? Since he turned 3 months he has started to try to roll over. Orang melayu kata meniarap. He tried and tried and tried. Everytime I put his down on his tilam he will lift both his legs up in the air, put them down and try to roll over. How cute. 

so watcha lookin' at?

trying hard

another try

even in the car
or at atok's house
even when hold by ayah
or when watching manchaster united lose

 But being an ambitious boy he is (this trait is from ayah, mama is a cool, go-with-the-flow kind of person), he will cry because he could not let one hand free (one hand will be below his body everytime he rolled over). And ayah will be so kesian for him and help irfan moved his hand (so much for trying to train my boy to be independent). But yeay, good news, since last week he can move the hand underneath the body *insert proud mommy’s smile here*. 

kiss the tilam. its smell like irfan's puke
So now, he rolled over so fast. The moment I put him on his tilam, he will quickly rolled over, swiftly moved his hand, put up his head and smile, as if trying to say ‘look mama, I’m a superboy!’. Clap2 for u irfan!

But having learned one skill, he is now venturing into the next step. To move. No mama rolled over is not enough. I want to move. I want to go over there to reach for that towel (yup he loves munching the face towel). Again, being ambitious boy he is (hey it’s the meaning of his name anyway –Hadif means berwawasan/bermatlamat), he will cry because he could not move forward just yet (hate being stuck at one place eyy?).

So a couple of night back, he thought up of an new idea to move. Its fine mama I could not move forward (yet), so I will roll over to my side. so he did. 3 laps. To his side.
Brilliant son, brilliant!

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