Thursday, October 9, 2014


So Robin was married to Barney, get divorced, and end up with Ted. Like seriously? Huh i just know the ending of HIMYM after so many months the series ended. Tu pon sebab Ilman baru subscribe starworld channel. Baru la tengok. Kalau tak sampai ke sudah tak tengok. My sister Ila is an avid online movie/youtube follower, apa cerita baru or series baru dia memang tengok. When the final episode aired she wanted to tell me whats going on but I shut her up said I want to watch it my own. Better late than never eyy.

Being a mom changed a whole lot of me. Yeah I don’t go watch movies anymore. Well to rephrase, I am not able to finish a movie on the television anymore, let alone go watch one in the cinema. 
Baby clothes excites me more than bags and shoes do (well I still love them bags and shoes, still browse tru them in the net, but don’t really buy them anymore sobs). That make sense because I rarely wear my handbag now, replaced with a bright orange diaper bag (should consider a super cool leather-made diaper bag), and I only wear confy flats, no more skyscraper heels. 

I eat so fast now I don’t remember chewing my foods. Of course I don’t have time to go to facial or spa, because weekend is irfan’s time, and I could not afford to take a leave just to pamper myself, cos I have to save all the leaves left in case of emergency if Irfan demam ke apa (nauzubillah). 
Bathing is one of the few ‘me’ times left, but yeah, cannot take for too long because I need to fold the kain baju later on. 

Work and house chores is a never ending story. How I wish I could finished all the works with the blink of an eye *wishing for marry poppin's magic*. Like I am dying to wipe the kitchen clean after cook, but if I do so and not rushing to take bath I will perform Maghrib prayer very late. Or when I have to choose between folding the mountain of cloth or washing Irfan's bottle and breastpump stuffs. Of course i need to do the later because I need those things to use tomorrow, u can always korek the kain baju nak pakai from the bakul heh. U know, have to prioritize things to do.

Nope not complaining. Because it doesnt matter the house (or I) is a mess, i got to hug and kiss and fall in love over and over again with my baby. That, my friend, is the best feeling in the world!


  1. ohhh rakan kite ini masih mampu menghapdet blog~ tahniah2 teruskan usaha anda=) Bile la.. br dpt jumpe irfan~

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  3. lama tak menyinggah sini, tengok-tengok dah boleh baca post kiss and hug a cute baby! how fast time flies~~ huuuu

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